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Jidenna got ’em goin’ crazy

Panty-soaking rapper Jidenna knows how to make a splash (literally) on social media that, once again, spiraled into a thirsty tizzy when he revealed his new Jason Momoa-ish drip in a now-viral two-pack of thirst traps.

This post comes nearly two years after his unforgettable promo tour for sophomore album “85 to Africa” where he physically connected with fans while showing off his exquisite pelvic thrusts in sweaty pop-up parties across the country.

Known mostly for his debut smash “Classic Man,” the gentlemanly girlfriend-snatcher evolved into a globally thirsted-over phenomenon with an intriguing blend of charisma, sex appeal, and talent making him one of Wondaland’s biggest artists.

He also has interesting views on everything including polyamory that raised lusty fan eyebrows.

“I’ve been in that relationship,” he said in an interview with “The Breakfast Club.”

I’ve done that. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever [done]. This tattoo took 26 hours, I did it in one sitting, essentially. The pain that I felt knowing that she was with another man was one of the worst pains in my life. But I had to do that. What kind of man am I to tell a woman that you can’t be with somebody else when I’m out here being with somebody else?”

He went on to reveal that his grandfather had seven wives whose unhappiness reinforced his belief that polygamy wasn’t for him.

“I never met him. He’s from a village in Southeast Nigeria. I saw a picture of him and he was sitting there like on his little stool and it was three of the seven wives, one of which was my father’s mother and I remember the look on their faces and they [were] not happy. I looked deep in their eyes, they [were] not happy. So I was like you know what? I can’t do the polygamy thing. I have to go where no man has gone before, I have to take that step.”

Are you feeling Jidenna’s new look? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria (and THIRST) on the flip.

“I don’t know where the stars is at but I know where I’m at” – 99% of his lusty fans didn’t read the caption

“Can I just play in your hair tho” – this GIF tho

“Jidenna: *shares pic

The TL:” – *cackles*

“Jidenna could ruin my life for a good 6 to 9 months. Good grief.” – just 6 to 9??

“Hey, hi, spare some sp*rm please sir?” – you know what…


The female’s on TL:” – every single time

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“jidenna after watching aquaman:” – *cackles*

“Jidenna could really get the business .. like all of it” – that appears to be the consensus

“I promise one of them is actually Jidenna” – haaaa



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