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Why the f**k are people so cotdamn invested in things that have absolutely nothing to do with them?!

Holding parents accountable, getting troubled kids help discussed during Texas gun violence summit

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Seriously, what is it? Sure, misogyny, bible-thumping, and all other variants apply, but still…what a woman decides to do with her reproductive system is precisely one person’s business, hers. Everyone else just as soon shut the f**k up about it and mind their own. But alas, Republicans and Handmaid’s Tale-y conservatives inexplicably believe it is their business to police people’s bodies.

This afternoon, according to USA Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that essentially bans all abortions in The Lone Star state. The new law states that as soon as a heartbeat can be detected, usually at about 6 weeks of pregnancy, the woman is no longer allowed to abort said pregnancy. 6 weeks is the magic number for anti-abortion weirdos because a vast majority of women won’t know that they are pregnant until 6 weeks. See how that works? The legislation even goes a step further and allows private citizens to file lawsuits against anyone who “aids and abets” a woman in seeking and completing an abortion. Where’s Lorena Bobbitt when you really need her??

Abbott shared more on his decision to sign the “Heartbeat Bill” into law during the ceremony.

“Our creator endowed us with the right to life, and yet millions of children lose their right to life every year because of abortion, he explained.”In Texas, we work to save those lives and that’s exactly what the Texas Legislature did this session.”

Now, legal experts and policy strategists are strongly opposing the new bill. They say the language in the new legislation is “exceptionally broad” and that it could open up a realm of complications. Advocacy strategist, Drucilla Tigner from the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas said the law is “the most extreme abortion ban in the country.”

“Not only does this ban violate more than half a century of Supreme Court caselaw, it paves the way for anti-choice extremists to use our court system to go after anyone who performs abortions or considers supporting a person that has one,” Tigner said in a statement.

“But make no mistake, abortion is both legal in Texas and supported by the majority of Texans. The governor’s swipe of a pen can’t change the Constitution.”

We sincerely hope that everyone in this video suffers a miserable life and spends their afteryears in the hottest part of Hell.



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