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Woman Places Postage Stamp on Envelope

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What in the entire f**k is happening here?! White people (and Candace Owens-ish Black folks) swear up and down that there is no such thing as systemic racism yet here we are. A new report in the Washington Post draws attention to the new system of stamps that the Spanish postal service has introduced and spoiler alert, they’re racist as hell!

Ironically, the postal service is working in conjunction with a state-owned company called Correos on an anti-racism campaign that will be bring healing and unity to the country…via…stamps. Insert Britney Spears confused face GIF here. Anyway, the idea was to have “skin tone” stamps that represent all the country’s people from the whitest to the darkest. Here’s where the tried-and-true axiom “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions” comes into play. The “Black” stamp costs 70¢ and the “white” stamp cost 1.60 euros, more than double the amount of the “Black”. Metaphor anybody? Bueller?

Here’s the messaging straight from the Correos press release:

“The darker the stamp, the less value it will have,” the state-owned company, called Correos, said in a news release announcing the launch. “Therefore, when making a shipment, it will be necessary to use more black stamps than white ones. That way, each letter and each shipment will become a reflection of the inequality created by racism.”

Yes, what the actual entire f**k? Here’s the tweet that Correos posted as part of the announcement.

Some of you reading this may be asking yourselves how this terrible idea got the green light in the first place. We think you already know the answer to that question but if you’re a bit slow on the uptake, author Moha Gerehou would like to point out that these types of social justice campaigns are often the creation of, you guessed it, white people. Similar to America, Spain is often behind when it comes to workplace diversity.
Throw this whole idea in the trash can and do better.


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