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White Supremacists are bolder than ever after 4 years of Toupee Fiasco and his mediocre medley of mayo MAGAts have been running the government, but some tried to hide in the shadows. Star Academy, a private elementary school in Massachusetts, discovered one of these rancid racists in their midst after Huffington Post published an article about a teacher who regularly wrote for media outlets and White Supremacist websites under several pen names. When the English and social studies teacher wasn’t in the classroom or completing his Ph.D. in history at Boston University, he was ranting about racist conspiracy theories about attacks against Whiteness and excitement about the Alt-Right on sites like The Daily Caller.

Under the guise of pen names like “Sinclair Jenkins,” 33-year-old  Benjamin Welton cried White Tears about life as an incel and how “the blacks” being mean in the Navy radicalized him. He cited Ann Coulter for his political awakening and bragged about teaching his pathetic propaganda to his students. As Jenkins Welton wrote in a 2017 article, “I now try to inject race realism into my working life. When I teach my students or write papers, I refuse to engage in cultural Marxism or in anti-white rhetoric.”

Imagine teaching history and failing this hard at your own subject!

Anti-fascist researchers called the Anonymous Comrades Collective put the details together and shared them with HuffPost, but Welton’s own arrogance unraveled his double life. Under an account called “The Spooky Nationalist,” he proudly claimed:

“To show my hand: I am the Spooky Nationalist’s Confederate in bayou and hellbilly retard with too education,” the post began. “I write as Elias Kingston (see:Ending Bigly). I write as Sinclair Jenkins (AmRen/book out soon from Antelope Hill). I write as Jake Bowyer (VDare).

All the social media accounts associated with Welton and his aliases on Twitter, LinkedIn, BlogSpot, and Gab. Star Academy suspended and fired Welton before the HuffPost article was published. Academia and the school systems are infested with racists who complain about Critical Race Theory while teaching White Supremacist propaganda. At least there is 1 less in the classroom now. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself Sinclair or Elias or Benjamin, because you ain’t got no job, Tommy!


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