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Queen Naija has found herself in some online drama once again, this time, coming to blows with her own sister.

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The singer has been defending her actions all week after getting called out by Chris Sails, the father of her oldest son, CJ. This all started when Chris posted to social media, revealing that Queen didn’t notify him about their son’s graduation from kindergarten, which is why he didn’t attend. The parents went on to share a few messages online about the graduation, parenting, and their rocky co-parenting relationship.

Once things in this back and forth finally started dying down, Queen’s sister Tina inserted herself into the drama, releasing a long YouTube Video calling out her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, Clarence.

In the video, she talked about how upset she was over the fact that their mother and Chris weren’t notified about CJ’s graduation, so they couldn’t to be there. But that isn’t without reason, as Tina admitted that she wasn’t on speaking terms with Queen. She went on to express that she felt like Queen has repeatedly failed to defend her in the media, specifically during one instance when her fans called Tina out for allegedly stealing Queen and Clarence’s credit card.

Clarence got into the mix throughout this whole saga, subtweeting about the people in Queen’s family, including the father of her child, for treating Queen poorly and still expecting to be invited to the events in  her and her children’s lives.

Queen broke her silence on this matter a few hours later, responding to her sister’s claims with a long message on  Instagram. Queen said that she didn’t want to go through with making a whole video, calling it mentally draining, which is why she posted such a lengthy written message, instead.

“I’ve got people writing me all types of hate messages,” she wrote. “Saying what a horrible mother I am. A horrible daughter. A horrible sister…But the truth is I’ve been protecting people including my family for the longest.”

Queen continued, “Nobody knows the amount of unnecessary disrespect that I had to take in private because I don’t expose it. Even through my pregnancy. I’ve provided for my family because I actually care for them and love them.”

She continued by explaining that her family has done things that led to her distancing herself, which also includes them not having access to her children.

“I owe nobody nothing,” she wrote, “Only to the 2 children I gave birth to. I also owe none of you an explanation on  why I make the decisions I make.”

Tina responded again, saying her sister didn’t make a video “because you know I’m telling the truth.” At this point, though, it seems like Queen has said everything she wants to and won’t be responding further.


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