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What’s in a name?

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Karen” is persona non grata around these parts. If your name is Karen you might as well just prepare for the wrath of one of our now-infamous headlines because it’s just a matter of time before you do something racist as hell and we have to flame you and offer your soul to the ancestors as spiritual reparations. Hell, even if your name isn’t Karen, you might very well still be a Karen. You’re not to be trusted under any circumstances. The only thing we trust you to do is summon the manager or call 12. Either way, you’re trash.

I just can't choose between the two

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If you think this is harsh, just take a look at a recent article published by the Huffington Post and cited by TMZ. According to new data from the Social Security Administration, the name has seen a significant downturn in recent years amid a myriad of negative news stories and the development of incisive cultural nomenclature. In 2019, the name was #660 on the list of most popular, and in 2020 it plummeted to #831, the lowest Karen ranking since 1927. Only 325 Karens were brought to life in 2020 compared to 439 in 2019. At this rate, we’ll be Karen-free in just a few more years. Saints be praised!

If you missed out on Ziwe’s enthralling and entertaining sit down with a flock of Karens on her nominal Showtime series then you have not lived.


We know that Karen’s will never be extinct even if the name Karen goes extinct because Karen is an energy, it’s a spirit, it’s a lifestyle, and we know that she will reincarnate into a Stephanie, Kelly, or Corrine to carry out her evil intentions. That said, good riddance to Karen. We won’t miss you. In fact, we may pop a bottle of Black-owned champagne to celebrate your demise.



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