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Summer of Loki

Disney Plus "Loki" premiere

Source: Marvel/Disney

After back-to-back event shows (“WandaVision” and “The Falcon & The Winter Soldier“), Marvel delivered another buzzy series centered around our favorite God of Mischief Loki who gets entangled in a mind-bending time maze with all sorts of intriguing possibilities.

The 6-episode series of twists, turns and multiverses follows Loki after his escape from the Avengers in “Endgame” that’s only the beginning of his timeline-traversing shenanigans in the wildest (and weirdest) world that we’ve seen in the MCU.

Back in May, Hiddleston (whose played Loki amazingly for 11 years) gushed about his role as the famed character.

“One of the things Kevin Feige led on was, ‘I think we should find a way of exploring the parts of Loki that are independent of his relationship with Thor,’ or see him in a duality or in relationship with others, which I thought was very exciting,” said Hiddleston in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

So the Odinson saga, that trilogy of films, still has its integrity, and we don’t have to reopen it and retell it.”

Hiddleston continued… “I just knew that in the structure of that film, I had to lean into his role as a pure antagonist. What I always found curious and complex about the way Loki is written in Avengers, is that his status as an antagonist comes from the same well of not belonging and being marginalized and isolated in the first Thor film. Loki now knows he has no place in Asgard.”

MCU newcomers Owen Wilson, Wunmi Mosaku and Gugu Mbatha-Raw are along for the ride on the must-stream series that’s sure to send social media spiraling into chaos every week.

What was your fave moment of the premiere? Tell us down below and peep the best (and funniest) tweets from the premiere on the flip.

“*Tony, Vision, Nat and Gamora dying for infinity stones*

the TVA using infinity stones as paperweights:” – ah mannn

“I gotta get my hands on one of those TVA sticks” – *falls down the steps*

“the tva when steve rogers went back for peggy” – oop!

“That’s the real situation” – mannnnnn

“Loki wearing a suit
Me:” – wowwwww

“#LokiMemes” – one of our fave moments of the episode

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“Loki: The Avengers messed up the timeline, you should be after them >:(
Me:” – uh ohhh


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