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The argument for the abolition of police gets easier and easier every day….

Nightime Police Traffic Stop

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According to a Newsweek report, a woman named Nicole Harper was 2 months pregnant when she was pulled over by Arkansas State Trooper Senior Cpl. Rodney Dunn because she was allegedly speeding. The attempted traffic stop is said to have taken place on a night in July of 2020 but the dashcam footage is just now making its rounds on the internet and social media. We point out that it was night because Nicole Harper was doing something that night that many of us are taught to do in these situations, slow down, put on your hazard lights, and find a safe, well-lit place to pull over. Sadly, in the process of following that sound advice, Senior Cpl. Rodney Dunn was thirsty for some action and decided that Nicole was “fleeing him” and thus he executed a pit maneuver that flipped her SUV several times and eventually landed on its roof. Did we mention that Nicole was 2 MONTHS PREGNANT?

The whole incident was caught on Dunn’s dashboard camera and it absolutely infuriating.

The state of Arkansas’s Driver’s Manual literally confirms on page 3 that Nicole did exactly what she was supposed to do and Cpl. Piggy Bacon Haram still damn near killed her and her unborn child. Shouldn’t bible-thumping Republican lawmakers in the state who claim to love unborn children more than life itself be outraged? We won’t hold our breath.

On page three, it lists things to do when you are stopped by an officer, and number one on the list is “Activate your turn signal or emergency flashers to indicate to the officer that you are seeking a safe place to stop.” Norwood pointed out what Harper did in her situation was verbatim.

That’s what we saw. How about you? Officer Pork Chop is still an employed cop and Nicole is now suing the ever-loving hell out of the Arkansas State Police. We hope she takes every red cent.


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