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The 11-year-old son of Ronnie O’Neal takes the stand to answer his father’s questions due to him representing himself, also telling his side of the story from that night.

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The Ronnie O’Neal trial went viral recently due to the fact that Ronnie O’Neal had decided to defend himself in the courtroom over claims he killed his wife and special needs daughter. While his intense yelling made its way around social media and got some laughs, the saddest part of the situation was still to come. Ronnie’s 11-year-old son, who the father burned, would have to take the stand and tell what happened that night and then be cross-examined by his father. The boy ended up doing just that with strength and his golden retriever by his side.

The boy testified with a golden retriever by his side.

“He (Ronnie O’Neal) went in the garage,” the boy said. “I followed him. He put me on the ground. He had his foot on top of me. He was lighting a match, and he threw it down.”

With his arms crossed, the boy also said, “I saw my dad holding a shotgun and my mom screaming.”

During cross examination, Ronnie O’Neal, who is representing himself, found contradictions in his son’s testimony Wednesday versus what he told investigators three years ago.

“Did you see me beat your mom?” asked O’Neal.

“No.” testified O’Neal’s son.

“Did you see me shoot your mom?” O’Neal asked.

“No,” his son responded on the stand.

The boy turns 12 years old next week.

The State Attorney is seeking the death penalty in the case.

The boy is now the adopted son of a detective in the county, who bonded with the boy over football. While Ronnie defends himself in court, it’s pretty clear what happened and how it happened. No amount of yelling or acting can change the outcome that’s hopefully on the way.



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