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DA Disobeys Gag Order In Amber Guyger’s Trial For Botham Jean Murder

Amber Guyger‘s trial for the murder of Botham Jean and things are already off to a rocky start.

Judge Tammy Kemp went viral on Twitter yesterday for her incredulous reactions to those disobeying her direct orders.

First, the Judge had to address a woman who’s laptop began playing music loudly in the courtroom despite the fact that Kemp ordered that NO electronic devices be present according to CBS-DFW.

Next, and more seriously, Guyger’s defense attorneys sought a mistrial after revealing to Judge Kemp that Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot gave a television interview to the local news station after everyone involved was given a STRICT gag order.

In the interview, Creuzot advocated for a murder charge as the defense argued for manslaughter, but the direct violation of the judge’s orders lead many to question which side of “justice” Creuzot is *really* on.

The idea is that someone with Creuzot’s experience KNOWS good and cotdamn well not to violate such orders, but for *some* reason, he did it anyway.

*sigh* if this heffa gets to walk away scot-free from Botham Jean’s bloody corpse there is going to be hell to pay in the city of Dallas.

Sidebar: Get ready to see GIFs of Judge Tammy Kemp rolling all down your timeline



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