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Instead of waiting for the heat to die down, Trick Daddy decided to double down on his Beyoncé slander while it’s still hot.


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Trick Daddy decided to start this week off in the most chaotic way possible after revealing he believes Beyoncé can’t sing. He also thinks Jay-Z isn’t the best rapper.

Of course, the backlash was instant–and this was even before the Beyhive was on the case. Instead of laying low and letting it all go away, Trick decided to double down on his comments and let the world know how he really feels, once again.

“What I said was I don’t think Beyoncé could sing…which is my opinion, and opinions [are] like buttholes. Without them, you’ll be full of doo-doo,” he said. “That’s my unpopular opinion. Who are you? How you feel? If you gotta walk around here worried about how somebody else feel about how you feel, then you ain’t who you are. That’s my opinion.”

‘But if you’ve got a problem with speaking your own mind and [thinking] I was a sucker, I apologize. I ain’t him. That’s not me. That ain’t what I do.”

Talking openly on your morning show is understandable–trying to capitalize on ratings and all that–but Trick just couldn’t stop there. He went on to join Marc Lamont Hill on Black News Tonight to further speak on the matter, only making the situation worse.

Trick explained that Bey’s sultry vocal chops don’t match up to the likes of famed singers like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, or Adele. The “Nann” rapper noted that there’s a difference between “singing and sanging.”

“They don’t understand what I’m saying because they’re trolls,” Trick Daddy said of the Beyhive’s backlash.

“I don’t care who don’t agree with me,” he continued. “If I offended somebody, do I care? Yeah, probably. But I don’t think I said nothing to offend anybody.” However the rapper did admit that “Beyoncé is a hell of a performer.”

As the interview came to a close, Trick Daddy praised Bey’s dedicated fanbase before signing off with a few last words for the hive.

“I grew up with roaches, I’m more afraid of roaches than bees,” he added.

While he was tripling down, the Beyhive was steadily destroying his restaurant’s reviews on social media, which he should have expected from the start.


You can watch him try to explain himself to Marc Lamont Hill down below.


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