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Dave Chappelle backtracks his previous Candace Owens statements and admits he regrets calling her “articulate.”

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Dave Chappelle has never been one to hold back his feelings. The comedian has never been someone whose gimmick is putting others on blast or attacking them to make everyone else laugh. Most of his skits and stand-up are rooted in what’s going on in the world and his experiences, and in the past few years, his material has hit different due to the current state of the world.

Last summer, Dave unexpectedly released a stand-up special titled ‘8:46,‘ which was really a stream of thoughts and feelings on the passing of George Floyd. It was what people needed to hear at that moment, more than ever.

Chappelle called the famously opinionated republican pundit an “articulate idiot” during the 2020 special and pushed back against her claims that Floyd was a “criminal in any way.”

“I don’t care if he personally kicked Candace Owens in her stinky p****,” Chappelle said of Owens elsewhere during the bit. “I don’t know if it stinks, but I imagine it does. If I ever find out, I’ll let you know, for sure. I’ll tell like Azealia Banks. I’ll tell.”

Shortly after the comedy special released, Candace’s response wasn’t really filled with anger, but rather, she sort of fan-girled about Dave mentioning her at all.

“To every Democrat tweeting me the clip of #DaveChappelle insulting me: I’m not a leftist. I have a sense of humor & I think comedians SHOULD make fun of people, Owens wroter on Twitter “Dave Chappelle is one of the greatest comedians of all time and I made it into one of his specials. That’s POWER!”

Almost a year later, Dave is reflecting on his Candace Owens comments and he has some regrets. On the latest episode of his podcast, The Midnight Miracle with Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey, Dave admits he doesn’t owe Owens an apology–However, he does apologize for calling her articulate. He went further, claiming “Cruel and dangerous and completely the opposite of any Black woman I’ve ever met in my life.”

The topic was bought up after Yasiin Bey commented that Owens is “a mascot of colonial interest in America today,” to which Chappelle responded.

“I did say that but I also conceded that I don’t know if her p**** stinks or not, but that I was guessing that it probably does stink,” he said around the 11-minute mark. “Would you like to know what I think it smells like?”

Chappelle later added that he thinks comedians “shouldn’t apologize for jokes” because it sets a “bad precedent,” directly following up his thought with a half-a$$ apology to the conservative commentator.

“By the way, Candace Owens, I’m sorry I called you ‘articulate,’” he said.

Of course, Candace will not take a liking to the comments and this back and forth sparring of words isn’t over. You can watch the original clip from the 8:46 special below and listen to the latest Midnight Miracle Podcast here.





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