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The first day of college athletes being able to make money off their likeness turns into a frenzy and a melting pot of mixed opinions on the matter.


Source: (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) / (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Yesterday, news broke that the NCAA would finally allow players to make money off their image and likeness while accepting endorsement deals to enrich themselves and their families. As soon as the news broke, people began to wonder how wild would it be when the deals started rolling in, and in an instant, it was wilder than anyone could ever predict.

Auburn QB Bo Nix wasted no time, posting on Instagram at exactly 12:01 am with an endorsement deal.

The day started off with a bang and continued to have more twists and turns than anyone expected. After the praise for players being able to profit off their name came the thoughts of those impacted by not being able to do so and having their lives changed forever.

You may know Donald De La Haye now because he is your favorite Youtuber, but his path to becoming successful as a content creator wasn’t easy. UCF forced him to choose between playing college sports or his Youtube channel–and he decided to follow his love of making videos.

He, along with trailblazers such as LeBron James and Lavar Ball, have long fought for days like today. Even with this historic economic-changing day, the ‘good ole boys’ are still trying to find a way to ruin the fun, calling out issues that could arise and what could go wrong.

At the end of the day, things change and evolve. College athletes risking their bodies without pay and only for a scholarship is a joke and those days are finally over. Get with the program or get left behind. Today is one of those days you’ll look back and ask what did this person have to say on July 1st. Some will be on the right side of history and some will be on the wrong side.



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