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$3 million A YEAR???

No one is more stressed that legendary producer Dr. Dre who, after months of clinging to his coins, was ordered to pay ex-wife Nicole Young almost $300K per month in spousal support.

“[Dre] is ordered to pay to the [Nicole] spousal support in the sum of $293,306.00 per month, payable on the first of each month, commencing August 1, 2021,” the order states.

Nicole is expected to collect $3,519,672 A YEAR in support “until the party receiving support remarries or enters into a new domestic partnership, death of either party.”

This stunning development comes just months after she requested nearly $2 million/month in temporary spousal support after filing for divorce last June. On top of that, she requested $5 million to cover her legal fees.

Sources close to the couple claimed that Nicole still lives in their Malibu home with access to their cars, personal chefs, and other luxuries. Dre very likely cited the current living arrangement in his argument as to why she shouldn’t be granted her request for $1,936,399/month.

Here’s the breakdown via TMZ:

– Laundry and cleaning $10,000/month

– Clothes $135,000/month

– Education (tuition and living expenses) $60,000/month

— Entertainment $900,000/month

— Charitable contributions $125,000 a month

— Mortgage. $100,000/month

— Telephone, cell phone, e-mail $20,000/month

Nicole previously challenged the validity of their prenup by claiming she “unwillingly” signed the agreement in 1996 because of pressure from Dr. Dre. She went on to allege that they came to an understanding as a couple that their prenup would no longer be valid two years into their 25-year marriage.

According to Forbes, Dr. Dre’s net worth in 2019 was $800 million so we’re pretty sure Young will walk away with several M’s. How many? Stay tuned.

How long do you think Dre will pay $3 million/month? Tell us down below and peep the messiest reactions on the flip.

“Dr. Dre gotta pay 3 million a year to someone he despises” – cold world

“Dr. Dre when he sees his lawyer” – no doubt about it

“Dr Dre running from that 300K spousal support a month” -LOLOLOL

“Dr. Dre’s ex-wife collecting her $300K spousal support check every month” – haaaa

“Dr. Dre has to pay $250K a month to a woman that he no longer cares about???” – life’s not fair

“$3.6M a year??? Dr. Dre’s wife better hire a food taster and a stunt driving chauffeur STAT” – well…

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“Just say the word @drdre” – Twitter is outta control

“Dr. Dre in a few weeks” – now, see…

“Dr Dre? More like Gotta Pay. AmIRite?” – ahhhh mannnn

“Dr. Dre’s wife telling every man she meets she’s not interested so she can keep her $300k a month spousal support checks coming” – accurate


Dr. Dre’s ex wife on her way to the bank to cash those spousal support checks:” – ayeeee


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