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“As Amerikkkan as apple pie” makes a whole lot of sense when you consider that there are SO many “bad apples”…

Emergency lights on a us police car

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Kaufman County, Texas is the latest scene of viral police brutality as Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office has opened an investigation into one of their officers who made an egregiously inappropriate arrest of an unarmed, 18-year-old, Black girl name Nekia Trigg.

According to NBCDFW, a crying Trigg was approached by an officer who said that he was responding to a call saying that she had jumped in front of moving vehicles. Trigg reportedly told the officer that she wanted to go home and repeatedly asked him not to hurt her. As she tried to walk away the sheriff’s deputy grabbed her arm and began to subdue her. That’s where the above video begins.

Trigg’s mother, Antanique Ray, spoke to the media at a press conference that was held yesterday.

“My daughter is saying, ‘Mom, I can’t breathe, he’s, on my stomach, I cannot breathe.’ It’s 102 degrees outside,” Ray said at a press conference Thursday. “She reached for me, I grabbed her hand because I’m her mother, if she reaches for me, I’m going to grab her hand every time.”

The family’s attorney also made it plain where he and the family stand on the deputy’s conduct.

“This officer, who repeatedly stated that she was at harm, that she was trying to harm herself, and if this was in fact the case, and it wasn’t — let me make that clear — it wasn’t, but if it was, imagine as a parent your child calls you and says, ‘Mom I’m in danger from an officer,'” Cole said. “Officers are here to serve and protect, and if he was doing his duty, if he thought that Nekia was trying to harm herself, throwing her to the ground and sitting on her chest was not the way to fix that.”

Following the incident, Ray was arrested and charged with assault on a public servant and interfering with public duties. Trigg was taken to a mental hospital for a psychological evaluation. The cop is on administrative leave while internal affairs investigates.

We’re watching this one closely…



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