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You gone learn today Karen!

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It turns out that white privilege doesn’t always work, especially when it comes to the police. A “Karen” video of a white woman attempting to verbally dress down police over their request to see her ID has gone viral. The body cam video footage shows the unidentified woman mouthing off to police who have asked to see her ID after a store manager identified the maskless woman for pushing another woman. The woman can be seen screaming at two officers about her “God given right to be here, on this planet”… She rants at the officers for nearly two minutes straight, while simultaneously telling someone on the phone about her interactions with the police. From the looks of the video, the officer began filming on her body cam after the woman refused to identify herself. While all of the details of the incident haven’t been released, it appears that police were called to the scene after the woman and another unidentified woman accused each other of shoving one another. The woman in the video even goes so far as to say it’s not fair that she — the maskless white woman– was the only one detained, while the masked black woman was not.

Yeah, she said all that and was about to say more, but the male officer had about enough of the ranting and told her to “Turn around” and began cuffing her, while she exclaimed, “Oh My Gosh!”

Watch the video below:

Seriously, we love this song. Silly Karen — don’t you know cops get to read you your rights, not the other way around?


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