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#RHOP hubby Chris Bassett is not only stepping up as his wife Candiace Dillard’s husbandger, he’s also offering private cooking classes.

Chris Bassett x Candiace Dillard

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The Level 1 Sommelier chef is making it easy for you to personally pair with him in the kitchen via HUNGRY Virtual Xperiences– a unique, curated event that brings celebrity chefs, like Chris, into your home through live video.

BOSSIP recently chatted with Chris about not only his tasty tutorials but his time filming season six of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle Bryant’s affinity for his home-cooked cuisine and his “Drive Back” boo’s new music.

Check it out below.

How likely is it that someone can reach your level or close to it with your cooking classes?

Not a lot of people can get to my level—no, I’m kidding. I think one of the things that makes my classes a lot of fun is that I take the pressure off, cooking should be fun and I get it, a lot of people don’t do a lot of cooking and they’re nervous and they want to focus, but I like to just try to give some pointers and tips to make it easy and fun.

At the end of the day we’re really just making something hot so that it’s edible and it’s fun. And you’re going to learn some tips that are going to help you become a better cook.

How do your classes with HUNGRY work? Are you on Live the whole time? 

Each class is about an hour, my classes run a  little bit long sometimes because I like to talk and my favorite part of these is the Q&A session, I always wanna make time for Q&A. But yes, the chef is on the entire time, from start to finish of the recipe. So you would  go to and click on their virtual chef experiences and you’ll see a list of chefs and there are menus. I think I’ve got four menus up there in terms of food, plus I do a lot of cocktail classes as well.

So yeah, there’s a multitude of different experiences that make it [HUNGRY]  great for anything. Our initial model with HUNGRY was catering and doing luncheons and private dinner but once people started to work from home, we did some food delivery service but thee virtual experiencs took off and made it really exciting.

What’s your fave easy go-to meal at home for you and Candiace? 

Oh man, I wish there was just one. Another benefit of the virtual experiences is that I probably do seven or eight a week so there’s always food and Candiace benefits because whatever I’m cooking that day, that’s what’s for dinner. It’s funny, it sounds arrogant and cocky, but everything is easy. I like to experiment, I like to have fun. I’m always, I’m always, up for something.

On The Real Housewives of Potomac, Candiace said that you love to cook for Gizelle Bryant. What is the best thing you’ve ever served her?

If you go back to season 4 which I think they call it the “dinner party from hell”, she enjoyed all of that. That was the start of it, even if you go back to season three, she and my wife didn’t get along, but Gizelle for whatever reason has always been nice to me so I’ve always been nice back. We actually had her and Robyn [Dixon] over for dinner, they were the first people from the show to come to the house so of course I cooked and I made these fancy upscale nachos. I made my own tortilla chips, did a couple of different salsas—she was eating them up, she almost ate the whole plate. So that’s probably number one, right now for her but she just likes food. She’s mad though that I don’t do dessert, she’s a dessert person.


What was it like filming for you this season? You have your own confessional alongside Candiace, that’s a milestone.

I enjoyed it [the confessional], I enjoyed that more than actually doing the filming. It was a lot of fun and this season they wanted a lot of my time. I filmed more this season than I had the previous three seasons combined. I had a lot of fun with it and was down with whatever. My kids were also here for the first month, which was great.

And Mr. “Husbandger”, how is your client, Candice? We saw her “Drive Back” video.

She’s doing great. We’ve got an album listening party, we’ve got radio/record label people, some Grammy people [coming] just trying to get her out there a little bit more. She’s doing well, busy as always between the show, acting, music, and getting her MBA.


For more on Chris Bassett’s virtual cooking classes visit and

Chris Bassett x HUNGRY

Source: HUNGRY / Butin PR

Chris Bassett x HUNGRY

Source: HUNGRY / Butin PR

For every HUNGRY kit ordered, two meals are donated to Feeding America. 

Chris Bassett x HUNGRY

Source: HUNGRY / Butin PR



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