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Several fumbled bags later…

It only took millions in lost festival money and endorsements for DaBagFumbler to FINALLY issue a formal apology for his homophobic comments at Rolling Loud that set off a spicy firestorm of outrage across the whole entire internet.

Whyyy he was allowed to blabber himself into almost-cancellation, we still don’t know, but it’s clear the adult in the room (DaPublicist?) stepped in to salvage what’s left of his tarnished brand.

In the questionable statement, DaBaby addresses his now infamous comments while strangely shading people who were “working against him” instead of schooling him on the error of his ways.

“Social media moves so fast that people want to demolish you before you even have the opportunity to grow, educate, and learn from your mistakes,” DaPublicist he wrote.

As a man who has had to make his own way from very difficult circumstances, having people I know publicly working against me — knowing that what I needed was education on these topics and guidance — has been challenging.”

“I want to apologize to the LGBTQ+ community for the hurtful and triggering comments I made,” he wrote. Again, I apologize for my misinformed comments about HIV/AIDS and I know education on this is important. Love to all. God bless.”

To date, he’s been dropped from Lollapalooza, Day N Vegas, the UK’s Parklife festival, and Governor’s Ball while pretending that wasn’t losing heavy bags by the hour. Now we can officially add Music Midtown, Austin City Limits, and iHeart Radio Fest to dacancellation list.


Do you think DaBaby will bounce back? Tell us down below and peep the pettiest reactions to his days-late apology on the flip.

“DaBaby in a few weeks:” – *howls*

“DaApology from DaBaby:” – CLASSIC

“Dababy being dropped from every music festival” – *falls down the stairs*

“This is so f*cking embarrassing 😂😂” – wowwwwwwwwww

This was the only way to react that “apology” tbh

“How the DaBaby apology sounded like” – sooo accurate

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“DaBaby at the next Grammys” – IYKYK

“DaBaby waking up his publicist this morning to write an apology to the LGBTQ community” – LOLOLOL

“Twitter after reading the “apology” an intern at DaBaby’s record label wrote for him” – INTERN



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