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Red Bull BC One B-Girl Brunch

Source: Sel, babyGIRL, Rascal Randi, Lily Breeze, Wonda, Jasmine Solano and Mel, Photo via Natt Lim / Red Bull Content Pool

Prior to Red Bull BC One continuing its 18th iteration in Los Angeles, the head-spinning, popping, locking, ladies of the competition bonded behind the scenes.

Hollywood’s The Highlight Room served as the setting for a very special “b-girl brunch” uniting top talent before their participation in the world’s largest breaking competition.


During the event, the afternoon’s host for the occasion, Jasmine Solano, Co-Founder, and Executive Producer at Club House Global chatted with prominent b-girl mentor/Bgirl City member Ericka a.k.a. babyGIRL about breaking culture from a female perspective.

Red Bull BC One B-Girl Brunch

Source: Jasmie Solano, Photo via Natt Lim / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull BC One B-Girl Brunch

Source: babyGIRL, photo via Natt Lim / Red Bull Content Pool

babyGIRL noted that she was inspired just by seeing her prominent b-girl peers in the room…

“I’m so honored, super blessed,” said babyGIRL whose brother initially introduced her to breaking culture. “I’m around so many women who are so powerful and this is within you, even when you don’t think you are, you are an exception to the rule. I do truly feel like you have to learn on your own, that you are [an excption],” she added motivating the attendees. “But it takes one person to give you that instinct, that drive, that energy to make you know that you are.”


and she also noted the importance of the b-girls bonding despite the forthcoming Red Bull BC One competition.

“It’s always been a pleasure and important to me that no matter what room I walked in, I at least gave a smile, cracked a smile, and said, ‘I see you,;” said babyGIRL while stressing sisterhood. “It’s where it starts off even though you cant’ help but have that competitive, automatic attitude when you step on the scene.”


The Houstonian also shared a bit about her background and how music was a prominent part of her life growing up in Texas.


“Music was a big influence,” said babyGIRL. “My cousins were listening to freestyle music which is huge in Texas, I grew up off that. I started getting into that and New Jack and I was a ham. I was the daughter that had to be told to be quiet. Music and dance were a big influence on how I could get my family and my parent’s attention. I would say, ‘look at me, look at me,’ at all the parties and barbecues.



In addition to hearing babyGIRL’s wise words, the ladies sipped Red Bull Tropical Tequilas and Red Bull Watermelon Mojitos…

Red Bull BC One

Source: Natt Lim / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull BC One B-Girl Brunch

Source: Natt Lim / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull BC One B-Girl Brunch

Source: Natt Lim / Red Bull Content Pool

and chatted namely about the buzz surrounding competitive breaking becoming an official sport in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The Paris Olympics Committee has confirmed that the dance form that began in the Bronx and is popular in France, will be judged via two events – one for men and one for women – where 16 B-Boys and 16 B-Girls will go face to face in “spectacular solo battles.”

“Athletes will use a combination of power moves – including windmills, the 6-step and freezes – as they adapt their moves and improvise to the beat of the DJ’s tracks in a bid to secure the judges’ votes and take home the first Olympic breaking title.”

A number of ladies not only celebrated that fact but agreed that breaking making it to the Olympics was well overdue.

“I can believe it but damn, ‘why’d it have to take so long’?” wondered babyGIRL. “But that’s okay, it’s all in the timing.”

It’s all in the timing indeed.



Red Bull BC One B-Girl Brunch

Source: Natt Lim / Red Bull Content Pool


The following day after brunch, the ladies competed in Red Bull BC One, and ultimately breaker JK47 [not pictured] was victorious after a hard-fought b-girl battle with Sel [below] whose artful and acrobatic breaking kept her competitor on her toes.

Red Bull BC One B-Girl Brunch

Source: Sel, photo via Natt Lim / Red Bull Content Pool

Congrats to her!


What do YOU think about breaking becoming an Olympic Sport? See more photos from Red Bull BC One’s “B-Girl Brunch” below.

The Red Bull BC One competition continues this weekend in Boston, with additional regional qualifiers to follow in Houston before the U.S. Red Bull BC One National Finals, which take place in Orlando. One b-boy and one b-girl will go on to represent the U.S. at the Red Bull BC One World Finals taking place in Gdańsk, Poland, on November 5 to 6.



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