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“Love And Marriage Huntsville’s” third season is already off to an explosive start and the ladies of the show are speaking on what’s going down.

Melody, Kimmi, and LaTisha were guests Monday on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap and they chatted with Deputy Editor Dani Canada about their Rocket City spotlighting show.

Love And Marriage Hunstville

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According to the trio, it’s been exciting to see the show go from a Martell and Melody Holt pitched “No Holts Barred” house-flipping program to Saturday night’s #1 original cable series for women produced by Carlos King.

LaTisha admitted however that this season is already “bringing it” with the drama and she’s relaxing her nerves in certain way.

“I’ve been drinking, honey,” LaTisha said on #RealityRecap when asked about how she feels watching season three’s episodes. “I have to [drink], they’re bringing it!”

The ladies also dished on their friendships that are admittedly strained considering years of back and forth amid allegations of husbands cheating, betrayal, and drama between close friends and in-laws.



According to Kimmi when it comes to her sister-in-law LaTisha, they’re “working back” to try mend their relationship.

“We’re still working back,” said Kimmi on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “We’re sisters and we don’t always agree there have been some let downs of expectations that we’re still figuring out.”


The ladies also responded to LaTisha’s husband Marsau comparing Tisha to Melody’s ex-husband Martell. During the season’s premiere, Marsau made the eyebrow raising comment that Tisha is similar to Martell when it comes to “responding things” instead of “stepping back off of it and letting it go by.”

Latisha is like Martell, really?


Not so, said LaTisha herself….

“The only thing I think Martell and I are similar in is that we love hard and when our feelings are hurt, we try to explain ourselves and are emotional,” said LaTisha on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “We’re emotional which is our downfall when it comes to reality TV because you really can’t be emotional.”

but surprisingly Melody agreed with the assessment.

“Before television when we used to hang out we used t joke about that all the time,” said Melody on BOSSIP’s #Reality Recap. “How much y’all are alike [Martell and LaTisha] and how much Marsau and I are alike. So we used to say it all the time, so to hear him say that didn’t surpise me at all. “

During BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap Melody dished on the self-discovery journey she’s been on since splitting from her now ex-husband Martell.

As previously reported BOSSIP broke the story that Melody’s divorce from Martell Holt was finalized on March 12. Now on “Love And Marriage Huntsville” viewers are seeing the exes going to co-parent counseling so they can remain amicable while raising their four kids.


“When I look back at the last 14 years I didn’t expect to learn as much as myself as I did within the past year,” said Melody on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “I’ve learned more this year than within the past 14 years especially just going through it and doing it and not having a lot of still time and quiet time, and I’ve had that [now] and it’s been major for me for sure.”

During the interview the ladies also had some light-hearted fun and revealed superlatives for their friends circle including who’s the best cook, who’s the most fun and who makes the best drinks.



Watch the ladies of #LAMH on Bossip’s Reality Recap below.



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