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Cops are really bad at their jobs. Especially in Chicago.

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If you work at Popeyes and consistently mess up orders and giving people the wrong food, you would be fired ASAP. We posit that police departments start treating these bum a$$ cops like poorly performing Popeyes workers and get them all the f**k out of here.

On August 7, 2019, Chicago police kicked down the door of a home without a warrant and pointed guns at 4-year-old Reshyla Winters and her 9-year-old sister Savayla. Let the bacon boys tell it, they were chasing a man who was dressed in all black, a description that didn’t match the girls’ father who was also held at gunpoint with a knee in his back. According to a DailyBeast report, the police would go on to file a false report in an attempt to justify their reckless behavior. The girls still suffer trauma including nightmares, sweats, and wetting the bed even after two years.

Yesterday, a civil lawsuit was filed that noted that Reshyla and Savayla “severe, long-term, emotional and psychological distress, including symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”.

Here’s how dumb cops are, despite there being body camera footage that clearly contradicts their bogus story, the cops still decided to tell a lie created from whole cloth…

Rather than admit they had forced their way into the home without much evidence, the officers knowingly filed internal reports falsely stating that they’d seen fleeing suspects duck into the family’s apartment before they “eluded capture by running out the back door and ‘making good their escape,’” the suit says.

We hope this family takes every red cent out of this department.


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