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A “glitz and glamour” deprived bride continued her honeymoon hijinks this week on #MAFS and viewers are STRESSED for her chatty-patty spouse.

Michaela and Zack

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As previously reported “Married At First Sight” season 13 matched Myrla, 34, a high-maintenance leadership coach who likes the finer, designer things in life, with Gil, 35, a chocolate chip cookie chomping firefighter who’s frugal and pinches pennies.

After marrying as strangers, the two continued on their honeymoon in the Florida Keys and so far it’s not looking too hot.

Myrla already expressed her displeasure with the honeymoon resort…

and on this episode, her complaints continued.

Myrla hated her continental breakfast especially since her “frothed” almond milk was missing and she also hated the “grass with no beach” at the “senior citizen center” where they were staying.

On top of that, she skipped out on a pool day with her hubby and the other couples to “do work stuff” which viewers took issue with.


While at the pool sans his wife, Gil asked the other couples if they did any “tonsil hockey-type kissing” and revealed that he’s only gotten smooched on the cheek. He also shadily told them that he treats Myrla like a child throwing a tantrum…

“She’s particular about certain things and she’s very vocal about it. I treat her like a toddler, they’re gonna tire themselves out eventually. She’ll throw her little tantrum, she gets cranky if she didn’t eat or sleep. I just wait it out or feed her, and we’re good.”

and decorated a beach ball to be Myrla’s stunt double. 

C’mon Gil! You know that’s gonna tick her off…

Later, after Gil planned them a romantic excursion on a seaplane, another issue unfolded; Myrla’s motion sickness. Myrla told her husband that she gets motion sickness and was NOT looking forward to the plane ride but she stuck it out and got on board.

Fans however didn’t buy the motion sickness complaint and alleged that it was just another moment of the coach complaining and not wanting to be around her hubby.

To Myrla’s credit, she admitted on last night’s episode that she’s known to whine and she praised Gil for doing the opposite.

“I’m a whiner, yes, I whine. It’s a good thing to know he’s so laid back and easygoing.”

A whiner indeed, sis. She means well though, we think???

Despite the constant complaining do YOU think Gil and Myrla will make it work???



“Married At First Sight” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime. 


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