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If you’re currently on trial for *allegedly* shooting a Black woman, you probably don’t want to tell other people about how to treat that very group.

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Though fans were disappointed in Sha’Carri Richardson’s performance this weekend, the track star still got a lot of support online, especially from celebrities who know what it’s like to go through such tough scrutiny online.

SZA was one public figure to offer her support, making it know that, just like the majority of us, she couldn’t even dream of running as quickly as any woman in the race.

Wishing Sha’carri so much happiness and success !” she wrote on Twitter. “Major congratulations to Elaine and all the beautiful black women that ran today !!! I can’t run a 10th as fast lol keep inspiring ladies !!!”

And then, there was Tory Lanez, who just had to chime in…even though he clearly doesn’t know the first thing about respecting Black women.

“Sha’carri ran a great race , not because she Won or lost … because through all the adversity she got up and RAN AGAIN , and GAVE IT HER ALL,” he wrote on Twitter. “She went through a lot of within that last month … n****s be on the app preaching all this “uplift” our queens .. Then tear em down.”

You know who else went through a lot, Tory? Megan Thee Stallion. And do you know why that is, Tory?  Because you were charged with felony assault for allegedly shooting her in the foot last summer. Not only that, as you’re on trial for this very situation, you showed up at Rolling Loud to perform with DaHomophobe, possibly violating her restraining order against you.

That’s not very uplifting.

Luckily, Twitter already handled this micro-menace, telling him to stay out of conversations about women’s feet altogether.

This man is out of his mind, your honor!

Hopefully, this dragging will discourage Tory Lanez from speaking on matters he clearly knows nothing about in the future, but…we know that’ll never happen.



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