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Trevor Noah takes out a full-page ad for a fake lawyer teasing the MAGA insurrectionists just one more time for good faith.

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It’s almost 2022 and some of the republicans and (mostly) Trump supporters are still holding out thinking he will retake the office any day now. While it shouldn’t be surprising that they really believe this, there are always a few who can’t tell when the grift is over, when the balance of power shifts, or simply put, when the jig is up.

After the Insurrection in January, can we really put anything past anyone in the political rabbit hole? According to TMZ, while many insurrectionists are starting to regret their decisions, Trevor Noah is still laughing at them even in the paper.

The ‘Daily Show’ host took out a full-page ad in the LAT and NYT, which just ran Thursday … and it’s a bat signal of sorts for those who are still looking for a lawyer as the legal fallout from that day keeps piling up, even now. Fortunately, Trevor and co. are willing to help — with their fake law firm.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek promotion for sure, but the folks running it went to extreme lengths for this gag, setting up a hotline for people to call 1-85-OOPS-JAN6 (1-856-677-5266). And yes, the damn thing works — we won’t spoil the surprise, ring ‘em up and have some fun with their prompts.

Yes, the number works and like TMZ, we won’t spoil it but it’s worth a call and is similar to the other ad he ran earlier this year. With the people storming the Capitol believing they could overturn an election surely they will fall for the fake ad. Even as we get to the latter half of the year the FBI is still picking up people left and right. Hopefully, someone paranoid waiting to be picked up falls for the ad, and let’s hope they have a sense of humor…probably not though.


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