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Give this Black man some money for his troubles and press charges on that angsty Anglo-Saxan agitator.

Shaquille Brewster

Source: NBC News / MSNBC

An NBC News/MSNBC correspondent is going viral after footage surfaced of some blabbering Bozo accosting him live on-air. Early Monday, Howard University grad Shaquille Brewster was reporting from Gulfport, Mississippi on the aftermath of Hurricane Ida when he was rudely interrupted by an unidentified person.

During the shockingly scary moment, cameras captured a white pickup truck pulling up behind Shaquille and a white man rushing toward him.

“Y’all are reporting this accurately, right?” the man is heard yelling while Shaquille tries to ignore him and continue his coverage. Unfortunately, the man was far from finished and Shaquille reluctantly cut the live shot short as the man got in his face. No mask, no sense, just vibes.

“Accurately!” yells the man who somehow thinks the reporter would twist the news about a category 4 hurricane.

Ever the professional, Shaquille put his mic up to block the man instead of laying him clean out [as many of us with less professionalism/less patience and less couth would’ve done] and host Craig Melvin voiced his concerns for his colleague’s safety.

Craig later shared that Shaquille was “okay” and Shaq offered an update himself.

He’s since been flooded with kind words from followers and fellow journalists including Omar Jiminez who went viral after he was arrested on-air while covering protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.


Shaquille Brewster is a professional and should be treated as such. He’s a much better man than most of us, because…

We’re happy to report that police are on the hunt for the man who accosted the journalist.


If he looks familiar, give them a call.

What would YOU have done in that situation?



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