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The foolishness that goes down inside of Walmarts is…

A Walmart Store Ahead Of Earnings Figures

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Add returning purchased items to the ever-growing list of things that Black people can’t do in America without fear of racist consequences. 2 Black men made a trip to their local Walmart in Conroe, Texas last year in an attempt to return a $300.94 Hisense television that he bought. Although the story does not specify why Dennis Stewart and Terence Richardson were returning the item, we would venture to say that the brand name of the television is a strong indicator but we digress.

According to NBCNews, instead of making a quick transaction and being on their merry way, Stewart and Richardson were confronted by white employees who accused them of stealing the TV. To make matters worse, said white employees called the police and had them placed in handcuffs even AFTER the receipt for the TV was produced.

Good ol’ Amerikkka.

“Plaintiffs repeatedly asked for an explanation for being detained, searched, handcuffed and embarrassed in such a demeaning fashion, and also why the defective television was not allowed to be exchanged,” the lawsuit said. The men’s questions went unanswered. “It was at this point Dennis — a grown 50+year old man — began to cry and begged for answers,” according to the suit.

You read that correctly. Dennis Stewart was so emotionally undone by what was happening to him that he began to cry. We can’t even imagine the years of racist trauma that was probably going through his mind at that time.

While the men remained detained, Stewart cried for about an hour, according to the lawsuit. They were eventually freed from the handcuffs after a female employee screamed at them to take the TV and get the “f— out of this store, and never come f—— back,” the filing said.

We hope that these brothas strip this Walmart and their white employees naked for every red cent in their lawsuit.



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