Horoscopes For September 19-25

BOSSIP Horoscopes By Zya: Week Of September 19 – 25

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Bossip Horoscopes

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If you’ve been struggling with gastric health lately or just feeling off it’s because you’re ignoring your intuition. Scorpios are naturally highly psychic but also highly skeptical which makes it hard to take action even when your inner alarm is flaring. Breath work and meditation will allow you to clearly hear your inner voice and heed its invaluable direction. If your tummy and/or energy is running smoothly, it’s still a good idea to incorporate these wellness practices into your daily life.

Red Flags: If you continue to ignore your instincts, you will lessen the sacred connection that you have to your heart.

Sweet Spot: With Venus in Scorpio and the glamour of Mars in Libra, you’ve a ripe opportunity to turn the sensual into the sacred. Give Tantric Sex a whirl.

Bossip Horoscopes

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


Mars popping into Libra this week proves to be a bit of a challenge for you as you may find that your personal and professional relationships and ideals go through a bit of a wobble. While, this will cause you some tension, the universe is challenging you to step up where needed and to also release ego and apologize when needed too. Take time to critically listen to what your loved ones and workplace comrades are asking of you and be honest about what you can realistically deliver. It’s okay to compromise on anything but your ethics.

Red Flag: Hold out against wanting to bury the problems with jokes and strategic avoidance.

Sweet Spot: If you pull through this period of growth you will relish in the emotional maturity and mental clarity that you gain.


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