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Now, THIS was a messy #MAFS moment.

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On the latest episode of “Married At First Sight” a groom’s true colors came out in a boundary-breaking, egregiously aggressive moment.

As previously reported Rachel (33) married Jose (35) after meeting as strangers at the altar. Rachel told the #MAFS experts that she was “insecure when it came to dating” but was finally ready for a loving marriage with the right man. Luckily for Rachel, the experts seemingly found her “right man” with Jose, a type-A personality who struggled to find a woman ready to settle down.

Since wedding as strangers, things between the two were mostly seamless except for Jose’s micromanaging money habits and unrealistic expectations to be the sole “provider” in the marriage, something his independent wife didn’t want.


Still, the two were the most affectionate of all the couples and instantly clicked. They consummated their marriage and even exchanged the L-word after moving in together.

But that all came crashing down this week during a BIG blow-up over Rachel, an admitted previous cheater, calling Jose another man’s name. Jose flew into a fit of rage over the mixup that happened in a non-intimate moment and cussed at his wife.

“This is a f*** marriage!” said Jose. “Not some ****g like boyfriend-girlfriend s***t.”

“I’m sorry but nobody will talk to me like that,” responded Rachel.

“Well f***k you then, geet the f*** out!” said Jose. “Pack your bags and bounce.”

He also threatened to throw his wedding ring at Rachel.

Later, after Rachel left the house to walk out #MAFS producer Brittany, Jose rudely locked the door and put on the deadbolt so she couldn’t come back inside. That left Rachel to knock on other #MAFS participants’ doors at 1:00 a.m. to seek shelter.

Jose tried to play it off as an accident but viewers thought he was just being vindicative.

“You know I lock the door every night. I secure my property before I go to sleep,” said Jose to his wife the next morning. “I don’t know where you’re at or what you’re doing. Like, you just took off.”

That intense moment convinced #MAFS watchers that Rachel should run for the hills and she absolutely agreed. Rachel told a stoic Jose that she could “no longer be his wife” and told the other ladies of Married At First Sight that she “no longer loves him” despite him trying to make amends.

Mind you, the “different man’s name” that caused Jose to explode was JOHNNY. Johnny is of course another #MAFS season 13 participant who’s close with Jose and is married to fellow participant Bao.

MAFS Houston

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Really dude?!

That Johnny name mixup was revealed by #MAFS husband Ryan who balked at Jose’s reaction to Rachel alongside the other reality TV husbands. The group collectively called “BS” on Jose who tried to claim that he “accidentally” locked out his wife.




It’s unclear if Rachel and Jose will recover from this big blowup.


Do YOU think they should end their marriage early ahead of Decision Day?




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