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Hold up, wait a minute–y’all thought Paige was finished?!

Paige MAFS Season 12 Episode 1

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In yet another shocking Married At First Sight season 12 moment, a participant we thought was finally free from a “traumatizing” and tumultuous marriage agreed to stick things out. Viewers had high hopes that Paige Banks wouldn’t subject herself to any more of Chris Williams’ antics especially after she said the dysfunction that peaked with a pregnant ex-fiancee reveal “no longer served her.”



But on Wednesday, after agreeing to a sitdown with the very smug defunct restaurant owner, Paige agreed to a “reset.”

Initially, Paige seemed ready to cut her ties to Chris for GOOD especially after Chris told her he “didn’t have any new revelations” to share with her.  Paige then said she felt that her time was being wasted (spoiler alert: it was) BUT—even after getting up and saying she was “done”, she came back. In a fourth-wall-breaking moment, producers urged Paige to tell Chris that she was “finished” with him, but that’s not what happened in the slightest.

After hearing yet another ill-worded sob story from Chris, Paige agreed to a “reset” of their relationship.

“Hi, I’m Paige,” said the accountant while holding out her hand. “Hi, I’m Chris,” said her horrible hubby while shaking her hand.

W H Y ?!?!

The moment of course sent viewers into a tailspin and people were PISSED to see Paige continue to subject herself to F-boy behavior.

It’s only going to get worse for poor Paige. During #MAFS previews and the midseason trailer, Paige is seen saying “It’s like reliving a nightmare.” Later, Chris once again shares his doubts about their pairing but apparently still love-bombs Paige with faux affection anyway. “I love Paige,” says Chris in a MAFS confessional.

“Love her”, S U R E.

What did YOU think about Paige agreeing to a reset with Chris???


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