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It’s about damn time! Free ’em all!

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The fight for legal marijuana continues each and every day as more and more states just accept the fact that people are gonna get high and that weed is no worse for society than alcohol or any of the other dangerously addictive drugs that are “approved” for medicinal use. If that isn’t enough reason, then let’s take a more sinister and cynical approach. There is likely more money to be made by selling recreational marijuana than locking people up for ridiculous amounts of time for “crimes”. If the will of the people doesn’t suffice, then cold hard cash should. But we digress…

According to ABC7, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has announced that he will be dismissing close to 60,000 cannabis convictions. Men and women who have been incarcerated over a naturally-growing plant will finally be allowed to come home to their families.

A man named Ingrid Archie was the beneficiary of California’s legalization effort in 2016 when his prior conviction was overturned and his record was cleared. He spoke about what the new batch of dismissals will mean to those who had been unjustly punished.

“The barriers that are created when a person cannot get a job, when a person cannot find housing, when a person cannot get the necessary resources that they need because of the barriers that are created by archaic laws that target poor people from our community,” Archie said.

Again, locking people up for these petty a** “crimes” is just bad business however you slice it. This is what rehabilitation and transformation is supposed to be about. Not marking people with a scarlet letter for the rest of their lives to be further judged by society. Activist Felicia Carbajal of the Social Impact Center agrees:

“Today’s announcement solidifies for us that transformation is possible, that storytelling, changing hearts and minds and intersectional community building, continues to afford our beloved communities opportunities to have the audacity to ask questions, like the one we did leading to the identification of nearly 60,000 Angelenos,” Carbajal said.

Hopefully, other states will get off the boo-boo and step into the modern era with renewed perspective.


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