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Happy Sunday! What better way to plan for the week ahead than by checking what the stars have in store?

Bossip Horoscopes

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert

Our favorite Black psychic Zya is back with with week’s BOSSIP Horoscopes to help guide you!

Astro Overview:

This first week of October brings in a New Moon in Libra on October 6th, creating a major Libra smack down as both Mars, the Sun and Mercury are all in this sign.

Themes of these planetary movements will cause us to focus on wellness along with trying to balance our wants with the needs of others. Take note that with Mercury Retrograde now in full effect communication, tech and projects will have snags and lags.

Special note: on Oct. 7, the planet of love and beauty planet Venus exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, pushing all zodiac signs to be more adventurous when it comes to matters of romance.

Bossip Horoscopes

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


Not gonna lie to you Cappy, next week will be tumultuous. For some reason it just seems that everything you’re involved in gets turned upside down and the stress of it all effects your health. Your best bet is to load up on Vitamin C, rest and double check any and all financial and business transactions especially any pending contracts. If you can, avoid committing to new projects until late in the month.

Red Flag: If you’ve been having a niggling health issue, this is the week to really get on top of it.

Sweet Spot: Leverage the retrograde to go back and revisit projects and ideas from the past and do some Fall cleaning of your social media pages.

Bossip Horoscopes

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


A tea cup is coming up as a symbol for you this week and what that symbolizes is the need to take the time to carefully think through emotions and/or actions. You can literally do this in a cozy corner while sipping tea. Also, if you’ve been finding that you’re getting intuitive hunches or dreams but can’t quite figure out what they mean, then try a tea leaf reading for delightful insights.

Red Flag: Folks, will want you to dance to their beat. Take your time, there are unknown hiccups coming down the pipeline and you’ll be glad you tapped to your own tune.

Sweet Spot: Overthinking this week is welcome. Steep your mind in ideas freely and abundantly. It will come in handy for many moons to come.

More signs to come when you continue…


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