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“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry and his estranged childhood friend Anthony Lindsey faced each other to address the scandal that put them into headlines last year, and it seems like Ryan wants Anthony to “get over it” and address his wrongdoings as well.

In case you need a refresher, in October of 2020 Ryan was blasted for sleeping with the mother of Anthony’s son after the father discovered their sexting, something Anthony felt like was the ultimate betrayal especially considering that he was battling cancer at the time.

Before the fallout, these two had been friends since high school and likened each other to brothers.

Ryan is also the godfather of Anthony Lindsey‘s child and Ryan co-parents with his ex-girlfriend Rachel who previously hung out with the two alongside Anthony’s baby mama as well.

Although Rachel and Ryan are not in a committed relationship, it appears he still has a soft spot for how he’s portrayed as a parent in her eyes, according to his recent conversation with Anthony.

Now, on the new season of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” Ryan and Anthony finally came face to face after months of turmoil.

In a clip from the show, the friends sat down and spoke on the situation — and the talk did not appear to go over smoothly at all. Instead of being fully apologetic for his actions, Ryan was seemingly hung up on Anthony running to tell Rachel about his transgressions.

Why? Well because Ryan alleged that Rachel wouldn’t let him see their sons following the scandal and likened him to a “psychopath.”

“She’s the first person you went to because you knew…[that was the quickest and most powerful way to hurt me back.]”

After dwelling on that a bit, Ryan tried to downplay to Anthony his creeping with the baby mama.

“It wasn’t about you! This was my bulls***,” he said likening it to self sabotage. “Me putting my d*ck in her ain’t got sh*t to do with me trying to f****g be your friend.”

According to Ryan, he’s “not a logical person.”


Do YOU think these two can get past this?

Although it looks [a lot like] Ryan isn’t taking accountability for his actions, in an exclusive with our sister site MadameNoire Ryan explained why he decided to bring the private convo with his former friend to television.

According to the tattoo artist, he owed his supporters and Anthony an explanation and didn’t want to “run from it.”

“I didn’t have to explain back then that I was more so working on myself. In doing that, you know, I wouldn’t be the man I’ve grown to be if I tried to come back on television, tell them my life and then go on about things and then try to bury something that was a major factor in it just because it was so long ago.

Because the people who support me and the people that heard about it and see it, that’s all they’re going to know and that’s all they’re going to get. And if you run from it and act as if there’s something that’s not needed to be explained to the people who support you, you won’t have those people that support you.

But taking the accountability and being able to address the things that haven’t been said or seen or you know, given truth to you know, me for me, this is easier now, as a man I’ve grown to be so we were at a point where, you know, we had talked before, but he felt over the time where he wasn’t able to hear that. We didn’t talk enough.

So now with me being in the better places like ‘Yo, I can sit you down and talk to you as a man that gives you closure and clarity on the things that you’re not clear on because you need to be clear.’ And for me to be fully clear, I take my full accountability. It’s not beyond me to be man enough to tell you all of that again, what you won’t be able to do is be out there saying that I ran from it and I never thought to sit you down like a man and tell you at face value.

How real would it have been if I tried to just act like it never happened? And now I’m just all this whole new person without giving the backstory to it, you know?”


What do YOU think about Ryan Henry coming clean?


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