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A “Black Ink Crew Chicago” star is coming clean.

Black Ink Crew Chicago

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Ryan Henry is admitting that he had a sexual relationship with his best friend’s ex/baby’s mother who is also the mother of Ryan’s godchildren. The tattoo artist/reality star made the admission on Instagram Live to his followers after his longtime friend Anthony Lindsey blasted him on social media.

As previously reported Anthony alleged that he recently learned that while he battled cancer, his “brother” Ryan was sleeping with his baby’s mother. Anthony who was recently still seeing the woman shared damning texts showing the two flirting and being sexually suggestive.

“I mean I def loved it,” wrote the woman. “But loving it like that means I’ll be missing it…then needing it.”

“Well…I’m hoping you do both. It’s all just sitting here waiting,” replied Ryan.

According to Ryan, he’s guilty of being with the woman and after at first denying that he had any “tea” to spill on IG Live, he told the truth about the entanglement scandal.

“That was true, there were situations that happened about two years ago and more recently within the last two months,” said Ryan. “Myself and all the parties involved we had talked between myself, my friend, the woman involved, my kid’s mom involved and some of our other friends, we had all talked.”

“Most of y’all know especially from Chicago, y’all know Anthony and I as friends, brothers, yall know us as friends for a long time. The weight of the situation is heavy.”


“I hurt people that I care about badly, I disrespected myself and my family.”

After noting that he was going through a depression battle at the time that caused him to make “toxic choices”, he took responsibility for his actions and said his mental health issues were no excuse. He also denied that he was being callous by partying in Las Vegas and ignoring the allegations when they first came out.

“Just to be clear, I’m not the victim in this,” said Ryan. “Everybody that surrounds me was. This particular moment is definitely not about me. It’s about me apologizing publicly because so many people will feel that I didn’t say anything or some people will feel that I didn’t care. “I’ve apologized to Anthony, we talked, he added. “We talked a lot after this happened. Ya’ll just got it a little bit later.”

Damn! You can watch Ryan Herny’s entanglement admission below.

Anthony previously shaded Ryan by shouting out Ryan’s baby mother Rachel who he likens to a sister. In his post, he notes that he and Rachel have a “respect level that would never be crossed.”

“We argue, we fight, we stop talking, we talk s***….etc. through it all she’s still sis, and I’m still bro,” wrote Anthony. “She got my back and I got hers. Period. A respect level that would never be crossed. When we say family, we really mean “family.”

He also apparently had more to share on his IG story and shared a meme that read;

“Money doesn’t make u real n***. Your character, actions & loyalty make u a real n***. I know real broke n***s & rich f**k n****s.

He also added in another IG story;

“I did favors I had no room to do for people. I did things that put me in a hole for a while just to see MFs smile! I took worries off people’s back & added them to mine. So don’t ever question me about being loyal.”



Anthony also previously did an interview with AllAboutTheTea and spoke on his best friend stabbing him in the back. According to Anthony, Ryan and the woman, Nina, had sex “over 20 times” without him knowing.


What do YOU think about Ryan Henry admitting to sleeping with his friend’s ex???


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