Johnny Says He's Not Compatible With Bao On #MAFS

#MAFS: Self Saboteur Johnny Says He’s Incompatible With ‘Disingenuous’ Bao—But Is There Someone Else?

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A seemingly well-paired Married At First Sight couple could be on the outs thanks to someone’s blatant self-sabotage. On the latest episode of the Lifetime show, Johnny, 35, ranted about being mismatched with his wife Bao, 35.

As previously reported these two started off strong and were pleasantly surprised to wed each other considering that they met while serving as Presidents of the Vietnamese Student Associations at their respective colleges.

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Following that, however, there we some hangups including one about Bao’s hygiene because she doubled down on not always showering before bed, something Johnny was NOT pleased with.  Johnny also complained to #MAFS expert Pastor Cal about his “wife’s giddiness” that he “wasn’t attracted to.”

Still, the two stuck things out, consummated their marriage and were seemingly on the right track…

until Johnny insisted that his wife was “disingenuous” and not contributing to their marriage as much as she claims. During a chat with the fellow couples, an irate Johnny destroyed a flower in frustration while listening to Bao speak…

and on Wednesday’s episode, he questioned Bao’s effort in their marriage before storming off and surmising that they’re “not compatible.”

He also very rudely disinvited Bao from a family crawfish boil that she was looking forward to.

Later during what looked like an intervention with Pastor Cal, Johnny once again accused Bao of lacking effort…

“I feel like I’m married to someone who’s not right for me. You’re presenting a certain version of yourself to whoever we’re with, and sometimes that involves saying things that I think are not true. I feel like you’re constantly giving me excuses on why you haven’t done things,” said Johnny to Bao. “All I’m asking is for you to do things, literally anything.”

and Pastor Cal wondered if Johnny was self-sabotaging because he was secretly seeing someone else. After avoiding the question, Johnny denied that he’s cheating.

Pastor Cal: “I hear you making excuses, and you’re trying to find a way to discredit your relationship. Are you sorry you signed up for this process? Is there anyone else that you have some kind of affinity for outside? In all my years of counseling, I can tell when someone’s attention is divided, and I can tell when someone’s trying to sort of sabotage a situation. I need you to be honest.”

Johnny: “What I know at this point is that there have been points in this process where I feel like I wish I had been matched with literally anyone else.”

Bao: “You’re not answering the question. Is there someone else?”

Johnny: “There’s no one else but I just know that what I have in front of me is not what I want.”

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny…

#MAFS are far from convinced that Johnny’s being faithful to Bao and they’re wondering what’s really going on in his head.


Is it a wrap for Bao and Johnny???


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