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The Queen Bee is TIRED of Curtis.

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Lil Kim had time today to clap back at 50 Cent after he attempted to make her the butt of a joke to his millions of followers. The 47-year-old rapper responded to 50 Cent after he posted a meme about her. The meme was a Tik Tok video of Kim dancing, and then there’s another image of a leprechaun from the 1993 comedy horror film Leprechaun.

In the caption, he wrote,

“I’m sorry I know it’s early but idk why sh*t like this is funny to me. LOL.”

The post, of course, attracted thousands of comments clowning Kim. Lil Kim caught wind of 50 Cent’s little chuckle session and went off on him, calling “obsessed” writing:

“[You’re] so obsessed with me it’s getting creepy. [Yawn]. This one ain’t it bro not funny at all I was hoping to laugh [with you] but corny boo. [You] falling off, I’m too bad and too fly in this video [you] reaching now but we all know why. Can we say obsessed with Kimmie much.” She goes on to say,

“Lmbo keep em coming boo boo only lets me know I’m on your brain 24/7. I love it! Dm me next time I’ll send you exclusives cause you mad late. This meme been out months ago so you searched for this you probably made it. Lameeeee.


P.S. why do I feel like I’m in a lesbian quarrel.”

Take a look at her clap back via OnSite.

Since leaving her comment, Curtis actually deleted the video. Do YOU think Kim was right being upset over this?


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