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A #RHOP feud between former friends is far from finished. Dr. Wendy Osefo recently weighed in on her ex-“big sis” Gizelle Bryant and she’s surmising that the fellow Real Housewife of Potomac is “insecure”, NOT the other way around.

As previously reported  The Professor was STEAMING mad at Gizelle for gossiping about Eddie Osefo cheating allegations and said that Gizelle’s current “miserable” life, that includes a “relationship that doesn’t hold water”,  is God’s payback for her transgressions.

She also continued to harp on Gizelle’s single status and called her “weak” because of her history with Jamal Bryant while noting cheating allegations and stories of children fathered outside their marriage. 

“The only person who’s weak is the woman who goes back to a man whose never been faithful to her since day one,” said Wendy on the #RHOP aftershow. “The only person who’s weak is the woman whose man fathered multiple children on her. The only person that’s weak is the woman who decides that she’s going to systematically tear down other people’s families because she doesn’t have one of her own. So when we’re talking about weak and we open it and we look in the damn dictionary, you see the face of Gizelle Bryant. That’s a weak b***.”

According to the John Hopkins Professor, while she’s succinctly shading Gizelle, she’s not actually shaming her for being single. She’s just shading Gizelle “Lacks” Bryant for constantly harping on something she doesn’t have.


“Let’s be very clear no one talks about relationships except for the fact that Gizelle constantly attacks our husbands,” said Wendy on “Watch What Happens Live” alongside #RHOSLC’s Jennie Nguyen.

Dr. Wendy and Jennie Nguyen

Source: Charles Sykes / Bravo

“So when you attack our husband we return serve by saying, ‘How can you attack us when we have no one in your life to even attack?!’ So that’s why she is Gizelle “Lacks” Bryant because you can’t attack somebody if you lack that thing that you’re attacking another person over,” she concluded while praising her mom for raising her as a single mother.



In addition to denying “single shaming”, Zen Wen also weighed in on Gizelle calling her “insecure.”

On a previous episode of “Watch What Happens Live”, Gizelle said she doesn’t think she and Wendy will make amends, because the fellow housewife is “insecure.” According to Wendy, that’s actually 100% the pot calling the kettle black.

“I think it’s always funny to hear her say that people are insecure, when she’s really the most insecure person in our group,” said Wendy on the “Watch What Happens Live: After Show.”

“She deflects all the time, she never wants to talk about her issues, and she does things to purposely hurt people. I’m okay with where we are, but when we think of insecurity, it’s Gizelle’s face, literally, in the dictionary,” she added.








What do YOU think about Dr. Wendy’s latest bit of shade for Gizelle? Fair or foul?



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