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Buckle up because Hurricane K is officially here!

Things went from bad to ballistic on “Married At First Sight” during an egregiously aggressive blowup.

Michaela and Zack

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As previously reported Michaela, a 30-year-old realtor, and Zack, a 27-year-old entrepreneur, are married and still having issues, including one over sleeping arrangements.

Michaela said there was “no need” for them to share a bed because they both said that if today were “Decision Day”, they’d choose to get a divorce. That peeved off Zack who disagreed and went home to his personal apartment to get some “comfort” prompting Michaela to move out of the apartment they share. Not only that but Michaela also pettily swiped all the seasonings in their cabinet on her way out.

Still, despite that purely petty moment the two reconciled [once again] on Wednesday’s episode of #MAFS and appeared to be on the right track while on a ranch retreat.

After a talk and agreement to sleep in the same bed because it will be “fun as always” as Zack said, they had yet another disagreement about the difficulties of marriage.


Michaela shared that “marriage is a lot more work than expected” but Zack, who claims he’s been ready for marriage since 17, countered and said “marriage to Michaela” is what’s actually difficult.

“I don’t agree that marriage is more work than I thought it was going to be. That’s not true,” he shared. “Marriage with you is way more work than I thought it would be. That’s a big difference.”

Zack then revealed via confessional that he and Michala agreed to “divorce but still date”, and when Michaela proceeded to ask why that should happen, she hated his response.

“If we got a divorce, then we wouldn’t be married anymore,” he explained. “So then we’d be in different circumstances, so then we’d see what happens then…”

Michaela then had a category 1 hurricane meltdown and stormed off while laughing in disbelief.


Later Zack decided to leave, something that Michaela encouraged, although Zack was worried about Michaela’s transportation to get home.

Michaela insisted that Zack should go but as he was exiting, she grabbed his suitcase and stormed off with it while fellow #MAFS participant Bao watched nearby. After Zack drove off, Hurricane K truly touched down and she tipped over furniture and broke a glass while being held back by a #MAFS producer.

Viewers were shocked to see Hurricane K reach a category 5, although some empathized with her and accused Zack of gaslighting.

Decision Day is less than two weeks away.

Do YOU think Zack and Michaela will make it or did this hurricane do permanent damage?



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