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Rapper Plies takes aim at those spreading misinformation about HIV and COVID-19 in the wake of Kyrie Irving’s decision to not play over not getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Plies Hosts Compound

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Plies has always been a fun-loving, joke-cracking, viral sensation who minds his business and drinks his water without a care in the world. Recently, Plies had to take off the fun guy mask and put his nursing degree to good use to educate his followers.

Since Kyrie Irving decided to not take the COVID-19 vaccine, people from unlikely places have been coming to his defense, most of whom have notoriously wanted him and his colleagues to “shut up and dribble.” One republican personality who shall not be named took it a step further and questioned why Magic Johnson could play with HIV, but not Kyrie. That’s when Plies went in to educate her and share his thoughts on the misinformation going crazy around COVID-19 and HIV.

Of course, it should be common knowledge that HIV and COVID-19 are not transmitted the same way or even in the same lane, but at this point, it’s clearly something people did not know (or choose to ignore). Plies also went on to push for everyone to get along stating “Give Everybody The Same Respect,” which is obviously easier said than done in the age of COVID-19.


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