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Put their a**es in PRISON.

Police use Glock19 pistols in Portugal

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For as much criticism as Atlanta gets these days for the city’s issues with increased crime, one of the aspects that isn’t talked about enough is the crimes that are committed by police officers in the metro area. Crimes like murder, for instance.

According to 11Alive, a Fulton County grand jury has indicted two police officers, U.S. Marshal Eric Heinze and Clayton County Police Officer Kristopher Hutchens, for the felony murder of Jamarion Robinson. The murder charge is just one of several that the officers have been indicted for. In August 2016, both officers were working together to serve arrest warrants from both Atlanta and Gwinnett County. A witness used a cell phone to record 3 minutes of gunfire that took place that day. The results of which left Jamarion dead with 76 gunshot wounds after 59 rounds were fired into his body. There is no body camera footage of the attack because at the time, cameras were not allowed for use by federal officers or local officers on federal cases.

Jamarion’s mother, Monteria Robinson says that seeking justice for her son has essentially cost her everything.

“I had to fight them. Like tooth and nail to get here,” she said. “I have had to make personal sacrifices, I had to leave my job. I couldn’t even travel and go to work.”

Beyond the felony murder charge, both Heinze and Hutchens are also being charged with aggravated assault, burglary in the first degree, false statements, and violation of oath.




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