Brittany Renner knows you’ve been hurling “grooming” and “trapping” claims her way and she’s responding on “Off The Record With DJ Akademiks.”

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Since model Brittany Renner’s split with the father of her son PJ Washington, she’s been given a reputation by social media that is anything but positive.

The internet has accused her of not only trapping PJ, but has gone as far as saying she allegedly “groomed him” since he was a teenager. Two weeks ago, when she visited her alma mater Jackson State for homecoming, she played into the allegations with a simple caption that read:

“Hide your sons.”

The photo and caption had social media swarming her comments and once again calling her a “groomer” and a “trapper” who tried to “cash-out” by having a child with the athlete.

Now Brittany is finally addressing those allegations on DJ Akademiks’ podcast, Off The Record.

Brittany shared her truth about the situation and immediately pointed out she’s been with “richer” and “more successful” people and could have “trapped them” if that was her only goal. She also pointed out that it takes two to tango and a baby isn’t just made by her actions. Men have to accept responsibility for pregnancy as well.

“This is what I get so f***ing annoyed about is like when do you as men take accountability you are old enough to ride this ride you want to f**k with me, you want to c*m in me, you want to f**k me raw, so why are we babying men who make decisions for themselves…Stop acting like someone had to pull the wool over his eyes. “

Brittany went on to explain that their relationship wasn’t “fake” and even revealed that she was on birth control until she and PJ had a conversation about it. Brittany also shared that she’s always transparent with her partners and at one point wanted to spend the rest of her life with PJ Washington, not just have a baby with him.

You can watch the full segment below.


Episode Description

Brittany Renner is our guest today. She’s a controversial social media personality who recently has been getting a lot of backlash for her public relationship fallout with NBA player, PJ Washington. That has spurred memes, narratives and fans being divided about how they feel about her. She’s never addressed any of the narratives or cleared anything up…. until today! She speaks openly about her past, her thoughts on sexuality and also speaks on the perceptions about her that the internet has created. She also is keen on letting everyone know that because she’s a mother doesn’t mean she isn’t a individual who can still express herself. She clears up..kinda.. the rumors about her getting 6 figures in child support from her child’s father and also answers the question if she trapped him. She gets confronted with questions about why she is attracted to young dudes and if she actually is scouting out new NFL prospects after recent pictures of her on a college campus and at college football games.



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