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Britney honey, we were rooting for you — up until now.

Britney and Ray from

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It’s Thursday, which means we’re just a day away from our favorite guilty pleasure TV show, “Life After Lockup.” Lucky for us all we’ve got an exclusive preview clip for your viewing pleasure! This week we pick up where we last left off with Britney and Ray. He’s been in desperate need of a little space from the relationship in the form of a night out without her, which she’s not eager to give him at all. She’s also clearly got trust issues — because when he told her he planned to hang out with his cousin, she made several wild assumptions like that his cousin might be a kingpin or that he might want to introduce him to another woman — all because she wasn’t invited along. Since Britney isn’t accustomed to hearing no — she decides she’ll just use Ray’s location sharing on his phone to follow him to his destination.

Anybody else think that’s a bad idea? Check out the clip below and see what happened:


Yeah… We’re with Ray. No adult wants to be followed or treated that way — especially not in full view of other adults. Britney, sis, as far as felons go — everything we’ve seen of Ray so far seems to indicate you found yourself a good one. When he gets home we suggest a good groveling for forgiveness girl.

Here’s a full synopsis of what to expect from the episode:

Shawn’s shocking confession stuns Sara. Britney busts in on Ray. Lisa catches Stan in a lie. After her husband fails the lie detector, Lacey reaches out to her ex, John. A surprising email sends Brittany looking for answers about her past.

The new episode of “Life After Lockup” airs Friday at 9PM EST on We TV


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