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Elijah Mustafa??

Insecure Season 5 assets

Source: Merie W. Wallace/HBO

Everyone’s buzzing over the return of Condola aka Condolences aka Canola Oil aka Cornucopia aka Condolavirus who set social media ablaze as the spiteful baby mama who A) froze Lawrence out of everything related to their baby B) questionably named their baby Elijah Mustafa and C) seems to be punishing Lawrence for choosing Issa over her.

In a classic example of her supervillainy, she alerts Lawrence that she’s having the baby (while having the baby), names the baby without him, turns her family against him before they even meet, and makes plans without telling him after saying he didn’t have to be in the child’s life.

Insecure Season 5 assets

Source: Merie W. Wallace/HBO

Now, to be fair, Lawrence could’ve communicated better and tried to understand things from her perspective instead of reacting the way he did at Tiffany’s daughter’s party and Condola’s house.

At this point, we’re interested to see where things go after their explosive war of words argument that showed just how they are.

“I think it’s a long path forward and it’s gonna be a rocky journey but I’m so grateful that they’re finally on it,” said Christina Elmore (who plays Condola) in an interview with The Root.

At the end of the episode, when he’s in turbulence and scared for his life, there’s not a question, I don’t think— and the writers have done a really good job—there’s not a question about whether Lawrence loves Elijah or whether he’s even fully committed to even stepping into fatherhood. But he’s wanting it on his terms.

And so when they are finally able to come to terms and figure out what it looks like for them to both feel committed, both feel happy with the arrangement and both feel like their son is getting the best of both of them, I think it’s totally possible.

But it’s hard when the thing, the gift you love the most in the world, you share with someone you don’t even mess with like that. But I think by the end of episode three, we know he [Lawrence] has [Elijah’s] best interests [at heart]; but now, how do we move forward?”

What was your reaction to Condola naming her and Lawrence’sbaby Elijah Mustafa? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over Condola’s internet-shattering appearance on the flip.

“And another thing! Why was Condolences so hype to go to the baby’s party with Lawrence to play house with him if she really despised him… she wanted Issa to see them there!” – there it is

“I can’t even look at her in the face right now, so upset with how she treated us.
#InsecureHBO #LawrenceHive” – understandable

“nah condola, you couldn’t even let him know you were labor and then had the NERVE to name that baby elijah mustafa?” – the NERVE

“Ok so I’m catching up on #Insecure and… umm… @IssaRae” – yea, about that…

“Condolences still annoying tho, still don’t like her, idc #Insecure” – it is what it is

“Can Do Attitude is also gonna have to talk to Lawrence about washing his hands before holding the baby when he comes in the house” – CAN. DO. ATTITUDE.

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“No wonder Condolences and Lawrence had issues #InsecureHBO #Insecure” – yiiiikes

“It’s clear that Condola still wants to be with Lawrence but bc he chose Issa she’s being bitter towards him” – clear as 4K

“Condolences divorced a man because she didn’t want kids then decided to have a baby with Lawrence, a random man she had no intention of taking seriously, then proceeded to box him out and now she’s acting like he somehow forced single motherhood on her😒” – SMH


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