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Despite “going blue” during the 2020 Presidential election, Texas is still Texas. People like Ted Cruz have been given power over the state so that should tell you everything you need to know about how empathetic, understanding, and conservative the Lone Star State truly is. However, if you need another example, try this story on for size.

According to NBCNews, James Whitfield, a Black principal at majority-white Heritage High School in Colleyville, Texas has been forced to resign after months of soup cookie controversy stemming from accusations that he was actively teaching students critical race theory. First and foremost, when the hell did principals start actually teaching students? The accusation on its face is ridiculous. Furthermore, why the hell are white people so cotdamn fragile when it comes to this issue? They ranted and raved for years about “facts over feelings” and now caucasian feelings are all they ever talk about! Lastly, there is zero evidence that Whitfield taught a lesson or instructed teachers on what to present to students. All of this is about fear. White fear.

Back in September, Whitfield was suspended with pay as white parents began their pathetic complaining. Monday, the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District board of trustees voted to move on from Whitfield by not renewing his contract.

“This is beyond me,” he said in an interview Monday with NBC News. “I’m hopeful that we can use this to move forward and to progress and get some true meaningful change and for people to be OK with teaching truth, people to be OK with embracing inclusivity and diversity, celebrating every student that walks through the doors of our schools.”

Texas is one of eight states that has passed legislation banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in an effort to appease these weak-a** white folks. Numerous parents are quoted expressing outrage and disappointment that Whitfield is being ousted over…the truth.

“It’s going to sound crazy, but for those who have been following this, this is Christian nationalism. This is white Christian nationalism. That’s what I think is happening here,” said a parent, Laura Leeman. “I think that a lot of people who really support public education and do support diversity have been asleep at the wheel. And there’s no time for us to sleep.”



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