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If you were up at 4 am like most of stressed-out America, you witnessed Joe Biden aka ATL JOE taking the lead in the notoriously red state of Georgia in a truly awe-inspiring moment that sent Twitter spiraling into a late night/early morning FRENZY.

For DAYS, we waited to see if the Peach state would tilt blue when it was announced that very diverse and very Black Metro Atlanta counties (Clayton, Gwinnett, and Fulton to name a few) had thousands of ballots waiting to be counted.

At around 4 am, the forever-awaited results put Biden ahead in Georgia by 917 votes. As of right now, he now has 49.39% of the vote, leading with more than 2,450,117 votes to Trump’s 2,448,538 votes with a 1,579 vote lead.

“Whatever happens in Georgia, everyone should get on their knees and thank strong Black women like the fearless @StaceyAbrams and so many who slog away without appreciation,” tweeted Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash.

The state, which hasn’t turned blue since 1992 for Bill Clinton, could decide the Presidency thanks to Stacey Abrams who galvanized Atlanta-area voters after her voter suppression-fueled defeat in the most recent Georgia governor race.

“Stacey Abrams had the foresight to see the demographic changes, and so she started to create the organizational infrastructure that would actually put the Democrats in place to be able to move to identify, register and mobilize new voters,” Andra Gillespie, a political science professor at Emory University in Atlanta, told ABC News.

Were you awake when Georgia flipped blue? Have you even slept this week? Tell us in the comments and peep the Twitter hysteria over Georgia flipping BLUE on the flip.

“I just hollered!!!!!!” – *falls down stairs*

“Is that lambo still blue?” – haaaaa

“Letsss goooooo” – yessssss

“GEORGIA IS BLUE” – we love to see it

OK, Alexis! We see you

“That boy Biden done flipped Georgia to Blue” – 4PF JOE

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“How John Lewis looking at Trump” – not todayyyyy

“what dance y’all doing when GA turns blue? imma do the poole palace” – CLASSIC


“GA and PA seeing each other turn blue” – ayeeeeee


“How fast things changed” – mannnnnnn

“goodnight friends” – what a time

“How one state sacrificed their sports teams to save a nation. ESPN 30 for 30” – classic moment in history



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