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Issa and Nathan? AGAIN??

So, here we are again with Issa and Nathan rekindling their awkward somethingship in a questionable development that will likely end with hurt feelings and/or tears.

You may remember Issa breaking down and crying in Nathan’s mouth after her latest split with Lawrence that, if we’re being honest, appears to be temporary based on A) Issa’s history with Nathan and B) Issa’s history with men on the show.

“She doesn’t just cry in his arms; she cries in his mouth,” said Kendrick Sampson (Nathan) in an interview with TVLine.

“It’s really awkward and he doesn’t know where they stand, and then he doesn’t handle it the ideal way, the way that he and a lot of people would have appreciated…. I think after not being able to get out the words, to express and truly showcase how much he has changed, he was at a point where he was just fed up and like, ‘Let me just be vulnerable and say what I got to say,’ and that landed on Issa.”

Now, we’re back to Issa attempting to figure things out with Nathan who just doesn’t seem romantically dependable enough for Issa.

According to Sampson, things between the couple are “gonna be uncomfortable and unpredictable in the same way that it always is.”

“You’re going to have incredible moments where you think we are right where you want us to be in the show, and then [there’s a] complete turn right,” he revealed. I can’t stress that enough. Every time you’re a little complacent, it’s not what you think.”

Who would you rather see Issa with–Lawrence or Nathan (or somebody, anybody else)? Tell us down below and peep the pettiest reactions to Issa and Nathan rekindling their red flag romance on the flip.

Me when Nathan leaves Issa for the quadrillionth time:” – *cackles*

“Me looking at Issa and Nathan like #InsecureHBO” – us, too, but we wish them the best

“I guess Issa and Nathan back together. #InsecureHBO” – sighhhh

“Y’all really like Issa and Nathan!? #InsecureHBO” – Insecure Twitter is divided

“Now Issa bout to force a relationship with goofy a** Nathan… #Insecure” – mmhmm

“Me waiting for this little Issa and Nathan fling to be over so she can find her way back to Lawrence #InsecureHBO” – we expect Lawrence to be back in the picture

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“So Issa about to settle for Nathan #InsecureHBO” – certainly appears so

“WHY are we doing this with Issa and Nathan AGAIN?!” – the people are tired

“let’s see how long issa and nathan last this time around” – we’ll say 2 episodes at best



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