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Memphis rapper Yong Dolph was shot and killed outside of a local bakery in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Memphis rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed earlier today in Memphis Tennessee. News broke online from a local woman who went on Facebook Live claiming she witnessed the tragedy occur.


While many hoped the woman was lying and the reports were “false”, the worst was confirmed by local authorities within the hour.

Details are skimpy but based on social media posts and photos, the shooting appeared to be the target and occurred outside of a local bakery.

The bakery named Makeda’s Cookies seemed to be a frequent choice for Dolph who was recently on their Instagram supporting the local business.

According to reports, Dolph was ambushed as soon as he got out of his car to enter the business. Unconfirmed reports suggest Dolph returned fire but would pass away from his injuries.


This is not the first time Dolph has been involved in a shooting incident. He previously detailed at least one instance on his single “100 Shots” and according to The Morning Hustle, it’s true to life as a bulletproof vehicle the rapper owned was targeted and hit with 100 bullets.

“With past drama between the rapper and other artists such as Yo Gotti, Blac Youngsta, and most recently Soulja Boy, fans of Dolph know that rapper never shied away from beef or confrontation.

Back in February of 2017 the rapper also had a brush with death while in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fortunately, Dolph emerged unscathed from the shooting. Even after his bulletproof vehicle was hit with over 100 bullets, the incident didn’t seem to affect the rapper. He performed later that night and even shot a music video later entitled “100 Shots.”


The Morning Hustle adds that Dolph was planning to retire following the release of his “Dum & Dummer 2” project with Key Glock.

Prayers go out to Dolph’s family and his two children.

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After news broke of Dolph’s passing his peers took to social media to send love and condolences his way.

Megan Thee Stallion shared a picture of Dolph who she says was one of the first rappers to heavily support the “Hot Girl” Movement.

Recently Dolph was spotted at the Jackson State Homecoming showing support for Deion Sanders and his newfound chapter as ‘Coach Prime’. Dolph also has a close relationship with Sanders’ children and the entire family.

If it wasn’t for Gucci Mane we might not have been introduced to Dolph as early as we were. Gucci Mane is one of the best music executives in the world and found Dolph years ago before he went to jail and supported his movement. A lot of Dolph’s early work was with Gucci.

Lil Yachty took to the timeline to show love for Dolph and revealed him and Dolph used to be neighbors.

Kendrick Perkins shared a sad but real reminder that the most hate often comes from the place you call home

Quavo who spent the early years of his career alongside Dolph as part of Gucci Mane’s growing roaster expressed his hurt from Dolph’s passing.

Fan’s have also made their way to the scene to show support and love for their hometown hero.

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