It’s hard to believe anyone would take issue with Sandra Bullock, but the actress unpacks a lot of the criticisms she’s faced over her interracial adoption on the latest episode of “Red Table Talk.”

Red Table Talk featuring Sandra Bullock, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Willow Smith

Source: Red Table Talk / Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch premiered the latest “Red Table Talk” episode featuring Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock Wednesday, Dec. 1 at noon EST. In the episode, Bullock opened up about her motherhood journey and the moments that have shaped her. The usually private superstar talked about adoption, the traumas of the foster care system, co-parenting, the life-changing experiences that led her to seek a unique style of therapy, and what parenting two Black children has taught her.

Speaking candidly with Jada, Willow and Gam, Bullock opened up about how she was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where her mother is buried, both times when she learned about her babies.

“It makes me really emotional but … I feel beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mother brought me these children,” Sandra said.

Bullock, who is 57, also said she always knew she would become a mother — just not at a young age.

“I don’t know why that was the only route but I’m so glad the universe had me wait. Had me wait even though I was anxious and I was eager — and it went nope, you’re not going to do it the way you think you’re going to do it.”

She revealed that until the point that Louis came into her life, acting had been her everything.

“That was my joy; I was on a wheel,” she says. “But it’s hard when society is breathing down your neck going, you are supposed to do it this way. When Louis came into my life, he was put in my arms at 10 days. I just knew and I said this is my path.”

If you have been a longtime reader of BOSSIP, you likely will recall how we shared regular updates on Bullock’s motherhood experience after she adopted her son Louis in 2010 when he was just 3½ months old. Since then, she’s also become mom to daughter Laila, 8, whom she welcomed via the foster care system before officially adopting her in 2015.

Bullock also addressed criticism of her interracial adoption, admitting that things would be easier if she and her children shared the same skin color.

“To say that I wish our skins matched, sometimes I do. Because then it would be easier on how people approach us,” Bullock explained. “And I have the same feelings as a woman with brown skin being her babies or a white woman with white babies.”

She went on to muse that it would only take stepping inside her household to see how her experience is nearly identical to any other parent’s, regardless of race. She spoke about constantly trying to do things right and make sure the kids were on time and even mentioned setting aside time to fix her daughter’s edges.

In addition to talking about her motherhood journey, Bullock also spoke about the terrifying experience of having an intruder break into her home while she was there. Fortunately her son was not in her home that night, but ultimately the trespasser took his own life after being confronted by SWAT officers.

Crazy right?

You can watch the full episode below or on Facebook Watch.

Tune in for all new episodes of “Red Table Talk” on Wednesdays at 9am PT / 12pm ET on Facebook Watch. Sandra Bullock’s latest movie ‘The Unforgivable’ is out on Netflix Dec. 10.


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