"Selling Tampa" Agents Talk Diversity, Loyalty And Big Dollar Commissions

‘Selling Tampa’s” Radiant Realtors Reveal How Loyalties Get Tested And Count Up Their Copious Commission Coins

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Premiere day has arrived for “Selling Tampa!” Have you started watching yet?

Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

Source: Malcolm Jackson / Netflix

Bossip Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with some of the beautiful and successful cast of Allure Realty ahead of the Wednesday, December 15 premiere of their new show “Selling Tampa.”

While the cast of “Selling Sunset” is primarily white, (aside from Amanza, Maya and Vanessa) the cast of “Selling Tampa” is entirely Black and Latino. We love it that the ladies of Allure also have Latina and Caribbean cast members, so we asked Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere and Karla Giorgio about how their cast offers audiences from other cultures an opportunity to see themselves reflected.

Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

Source: Nino Muñoz / Netflix

“Being Haitian is a HUGE part of who I am,” Anne-Sophie told BOSSIP, ” So just being able to speak French and capture that on the show, really helped me feel connected to my country, especially because I haven’t been for a really long time. I love that I’m able to represent for the Haitian girls and show them that there’s space in the luxury market for them too.”

Karla Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

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“For me, my country Venezuela, right now, it really isn’t doing so well, ” Karla Giorgio told BOSSIP. “It gives me the power to feel like I’m doing something for my country. I love the experience it’s given me.”

For folks who are already looking for drama on “Selling Tampa,” a lot of the show’s conflict happens between Rena Frazier, Allure’s first agent and Sharelle Rosado, the owner of the brokerage. The pair were friends before Rosado opened her business and encouraged Frazier to get her license to become a real estate agent, but with Sharelle raising brokerage fees and Rena keeping her options open by getting her own broker’s license, most of the suspense of the series hinges on whether Rena will leave and take Sharelle’s top sellers with her.

“It’s all perspective,” Rena said. “It’s not shady it’s real life. It’s business.”

Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

Source: Nino Muñoz / Netflix

After being challenged over whether or not she was attempting to poach from Allure, Rena stayed graceful with her answer.

“We all have a great deal of respect for one another and for our goals and ambitions. I come from a corporate world where it is not unusual for an entire group of people to leave and go to another company. But, as a businesswoman, if I’m going to leave I’m of course going to talk to Anne and Colony. I have a ton of respect for them, they’re fantastic agents.”

While we were on the subject, we had to challenge Colony about whether she felt she maintained her loyalty to close friend Anne on the show. Viewers will see their friendship tested once Sharelle finds out about private conversations they had with Rena.

Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

Source: Netflix / Netflix

“Bring it!” Colony said, when we brought up wanting to question her loyalty.

“Anne is my girl, she knows our bond is tight so that should never be questioned,” Colony continued. “Let’s clear this up. I wasn’t loyal to Sharelle, I’m loyal to Allure Realty and what it stands for. That’s why I joined the brokerage. When she started this brokerage we wanted to do something new to Tampa. We wanted to create an all Black, female, luxury brokerage and that’s what she did. I’m loyal to the brand because I’ve established myself here. When people think about Allure Realty, they think about me and vice versa. So that’s where my loyalty was but Anne is my girl, we just disagreed on that. But that’s okay, friends disagree.”

Selling Tampa Production Stills and Cast Portraits

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Given the chance to respond to her friend, Anne said, “I’m not going to lie, I did feel like ‘Oh she’s choosing Allure Realty over me.’ I’m not even gonna lie. That was a thought to me. We just decided to agree to disagree.”

“Like Rena, I come from a corporate background and I understand everyone is disposable,” Anne explained. “In the grand of scheme of things people are able to outgrow places. I don’t believe loyalty should be to an employer. Loyalty should be to yourself and what’s going to benefit yourself, your own growth, your own goals and your own dreams.”

We also did a little digging to learn the most expensive properties each of the ladies have sold!

Anne-Sophie revealed she currently has a deal in the works that could net her a $120K commission, Rena said she made her biggest sale on the show for a $1million property and Karla opened up about how selling her own house for over $900K netted her a hefty profit. When it came time for Colony to talk commissions she chose to keep quiet about the bags she brings home.

“I don’t need you guys in my pockets, counting my money so I’m gonna keep mine to myself!” Colony told BOSSIP.

We love to see it. “Selling Tampa” premieres on Netflix Dec. 15.



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