First comes love, then comes marriage — is Issa Rae bout to be pushing a baby carriage?


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Yes, we’re still stuck off the “Insecure” finale… devouring any and all related content on the subject, and today’s subject happens to be BABIES!

In Season 5 of “Insecure” we get a chance to see Lawrence become a father and watch his growth as he’s forced to learn to co-parent productively with Condola. Tiffany also sees motherhood become a major part of her plot in Seasons 3, 4 and 5 of the show. Now we’ve learned via a recent interview with ‘Vulture’ that “Insecure’s” creator and star Issa Rae wishes she’d been able to explore motherhood as a plotline via her “Insecure” character. We found it especially interesting that she noted that it’s an issue present in her life. She also added that the show’s writer’s room had in depth conversations about how women find themselves on the clock forced to decide whether or not to give birth, which was something the women in the room bonded over.

Vulture’s E. Alex Jung asked, “Are there any other plotlines you wish you could have done?”

Issa’s response was:

Yeah, actually. Especially — and since it is so present in my life right now, and I’m curious about it — I do wish we could’ve explored motherhood through Issa. And deciding to or not to. That is something super real that we discussed in the room: Women having this ticking time clock that’s so unfair that men will never experience. They can be like, Yeah, I’m 53, it’s time to have kids. And we really have a time to decide. You can freeze your eggs, you can do all these things, but there’s just something. There was an interesting discussion that happened in the room that men were enlightened by — annoyingly so — that the women in the room really bonded over: Oh my God, you feel this way, too? Even if you don’t want kids, you still feel that clock. And there’s such a pressure in the back of your mind of having to decide. That’s something I wish we were able to explore. Maybe we’ll explore it with something else.

As in a different show?

Maybe. Who knows? Or I’ll explore in real life.


I am exploring in real life. I mean, we’ll see.

Issa’s notoriously private. We all know she had a FANCY top secret wedding in the South of France earlier this year because she posted the photos, which she joked were for a photoshoot.

The fact that she’s said not once, but TWICE, on record, that she may be exploring motherhood in real life, has us wondering — do you think she’s pregnant now? Or freezing eggs/embryos?

Whatever it is, we’re excited to hear she has motherhood on the brain! Would you have wanted to see Issa pregnant on “Insecure?” Or her and Lawrence with a child?

There were a ton of other gems in this interview by the way, including Issa really delving into the behind the scenes emotions of shooting the final episode and changes that were made in the final script. But we really really dug this quote Issa had about Molly and Taurean:

How did you and the writers decide to go with Taurean?

It was something we decided a couple seasons ago — that Molly and Taurean were equally yoked, and he was the person to ultimately understand her. We’ve seen Molly struggle with explaining her career and work obligations to love interests. We’ve seen her be overzealous. He’s such a no-nonsense, balanced person, and to have someone who is equally as ambitious as her and accepts her — and has seen the ugliest parts of her and still wants her — felt really appealing to us. And they have such great chemistry that it felt right.

We gotta say we totally agree that Molly and Taurean is something the writers room got right.

What were your favorite moments from the Season Finale? What’s something you wish you could have seen?


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