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All eyez on Effie

Fans are buzzing over “Power Book II: Ghost” where we saw Effie comfort Tariq in his time of need while cementing her spot at the top of his baddie harem that also includes Lauren (Paige Hurd) and Diana (LaToya Tonodeo).

You may remember the tantalizing trio going viral for their stunning slay at the swanky Season 2 premiere party in NYC.

Ghost Season 2 Premiere

Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ

Fast-forward to the latest episode of the hit series that takes a turn when Tarig slithers out of prison with help from slimy ex-Councilman Tate in exchange for Rick Sweeney’s shady yearbook that would give him the juice necessary to steal his congressional seat.

As for the Tejada family, Lorenzo is back home and Monet isn’t feeling it at all despite the kids being happy. She also isn’t feeling his plan to hand the family business to Dru instead of getting out the game and following Zeke to the NBA.

Now, faced with the reality that she’s in too deep with Dante, Monet cuts him off without knowing he’s her new connect secured by Cane who always believes he’s playing chess instead of checkers.

There’s also Effie’s return and risky partnership with Tariq and Monet that’s sure to swerve left.

“What’s really interesting is that when we’re on set, Michael and I have conversations about [the power struggle between Tariq and Effie] with the directors,” said Lapri in an interview with the Pop Culturalist.

“Sometimes they’ll give me a lot of the dominant control tactics. I’ll have a conversation with the director and I’m like, “You know what? Why don’t we give that to him this time? Why don’t we switch it up?” I feel like people enjoy seeing us go back and forth. It’s really a push and pull. We have a lot of conversations about that. It’s going to be funny to watch how that continues to deepen.”

At this point, we’re bracing for shocking plot twists including the deaths of multiple characters by season’s end.

Do you think Tariq is making a mistake trusting Effie? Would you crown her the baddest in the Powerverse? Tell us down below and enjoy her hottest pics (and Twitter love) on the flip.

“Effie is the one my brothers” – THE ONE

“Effie so damn fine!” – yep!

“first pool day of the summer” – alright now!

“Effie the baddest on Power. Tariq knows” – he better

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“what’s a star when her most important fan is missing” – we’re right here

“the dark horse watched her dreams come true” – love to see it


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